what is the average cost for a dui conviction?

Have you ever been charged with DUI? If yes, you might definitely know that the charges attached with DUI conviction are really high. Fines, reinstatement fees and costs have to be borne if you are convicted. In addition to these charges, you may also have to bear mandatory drug costs, probation fees, counselling, alcohol assessment as well as monitoring costs such as alcohol monitoring and ignition device. Furthermore, besides these direct costs, there are many high insurance rates of automobiles that you have to pay. According to some sources, it was found that the average cost of some states ranged from about $5,000 to about $20,000.

Basically, the average costs include attorney fees and work time. In the state of Illinois, it was found that a drunk driver has to pay $14,660 as costs of DUI conviction. However, if the average cost is missed, then you have to pay about 8,660 dollars as lawyer cost. Moreover, the fines and other charges of DUI conviction differ from one state to another, and Illinois it is around 2,500 dollars. The driver even has to bear court costs sometimes that would be around 500 dollars. Let us now look as some other costs associated with dui conviction in the following article.

Fines and Court Fees

There are many factors that ascertain the fine amount for dui conviction. Each state lays down its own set of rules and regulations regarding dui conviction. Criminal fine is one kind of fine with respect to drunken driving. Generally, the ticket price ranges from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars.
The court fees also vary from one country to another and it usually ranges from 5000 dollars to 20 thousand dollars. The attorney is the best person with whom you can speak and clear all your doubts regarding the court fees associated with a particular state.

Dui attorney cost

There are many attorneys who do not charge a single dollar from their clients who are associated with drunken driving cases. However, the attorney costs are of many types. Professional’s attorneys usually have a fixed plan of payment, where the clients have to make the down payment before any consultation.

DUI classes and School cost

Every country conducts DUI classes for its citizens. Dui classes are very helpful for each and everyone. You can find different kinds of classes where each school has its own fee charges depending upon the faculty and environment of the school. You can find short term courses and long term courses; you can choose any of them depending upon your requirements. You can gain knowledge about various circumstances and hence understand how to avoid unexpected circumstances regarding dui. Some schools ask for the payment in advance, while at some schools you can pay the fees after completion of the course.

Ignition Interlock Device

The ignition interlock device is actually a mechanized system that is installed on the dashboard of the vehicle. The function of this device is really good as it prevents the driver from drinking while driving his/her vehicle. Generally, the cost of ignition interlock device lies between 100 dollars and 200 dollars. However, you would have to pay monthly fees of about $70 to around $100. The maintenance charges are also attached with these fees.

Other Charges

The following are some other charges of dui, besides the above mentioned.

  •  Towing fee amount
  •  Bail charges
  •  License reinstatement fees
  •  Probation charges
  •  Insurance protection fees
  •  Penalties
  •  Careless driving penalty

The above stated were some additional charges under the DUI conviction. Now that you have gained a lot of information about drunken driving, you might not be involved in these kinds of cases.