Third DUI arrest

DUI is one of the worst things for which you can get convicted. It is a minor mistake from the offender’s part, but the law enforcers take it very seriously on account on the damage that the public may have to encounter from the person driving a motor vehicle in an intoxicated state. So I do not have to tell you what you have to overcome to get going on with your life.

Third DUI Arrest Conditions

You can undergo 3rd DUI Arrest only if your Blood Alcohol Content is above the limit which the law sets. Usually the limit is 0.8%. Sometimes a person can be arrested for 3 dui if the law enforcers found that the person was unable to handle the motor vehicle properly even when BAC was below the legal limit. This is because most people get highly intoxicated and will not be able to drive properly even when the alcohol content in their blood is far less than the limit. This usually happens at old age.
Things you need to remember when faced with 3 DUI Arrest:

  • On the field of conviction you will be tested with Preliminary Breath Test (PTB) which is different from Field Sobriety Test and Blood Alcohol Test. You can refuse to undergo PTB since this point cannot be used against you in court.
  • You need to approach the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for an administrative hearing. This has to be done within 10 days of conviction. Otherwise you license suspension will come into effect.
  • 3 dui offenses will come under the category of misdemeanour depending on the intensity of the case.

You will have to face additional charges other than 3 dui charges if you are underage and if you refused to take Field Sobriety Test and also if you fail to appeal to DMV for administrative hearing. 3 dui consequences are sure to require you to spend some time in prison.

The term will depend on the county you were arrested and also on the judge who presides the hearing. Some judges are too harsh on DUI convicts and such judges are likely to impose a very long jail term on you. The minimum fine for 3 dui is $200, but I can go to the maximum limit of $3000 after the judge takes a look at the damages incurred.