Tampa Police Said A Blue Dodge Van Hit Tampa Woman From Behind She Dies

drunk driving manslaughterA blue dodge van whisked life out of Michelle Renee Wells and its driver was charged with DUI manslaughter. This 36 year old woman from Tampa was not too fond of cars and until recently, always took the bus wherever she went, though she was on the lookout for her own transportation.

She finally decided upon a scooter and purchased a black, green and white one in February. Michelle has always been a careful deriver and never missed wearing the reflective vest and helmet, according to her family members. Even though she took these precautions as always, that fateful Friday night, when she was returning home after visiting her sister, they did not help.

Around 8:50 p.m., disaster struck for Michelle as she was driving south on Nebraska Avenue. According to Tampa police, a blue van speeding towards her from behind and hit her. Near E 112th Avenue, she was thrown out of the scooter and died on the spot say officers. Before the police could arrive on the scene, the blue dodge van disappeared. The van was spotted parked at E 109th, Nebraska Avenue by a witness, according to police sources.

49 year old James R. Brennan, a resident of unit 102, 3422 Crossing Drive tried to run after jumping out of the van when deputies arrived at the parking lot. He was charged with DUI manslaughter and other offenses such as driving with suspended license and trying to run from scene of accident where a person was dead.

Well’s family is understandably shattered and they are unable to comprehend Brennan’s way of handling the situation. Well’s sister, Tiara Clark says that Brennan just left her sister there not bothering to find out if she was alive or dead.

Wells took her role as the eldest of three sisters seriously. Clark says that she was very helpful and always looked out for her. Wells future plans included transforming her intrinsic compassionate nature into a career and towards this she was planning on getting a human resources degree and was also taking classes at Hillsborough Community College.

According to Clark, Wells had difficulty accepting herself and wanted to help people based on that experience. Hazel Clark, Well’s mother was shattered and said that her daughter was such a lovable person and showed her love too. Wells made it a point to tell her mother “I love you” each time she left her home. Every night, she would also call her mother to make sure she is alright when she made it home.

Wells is no more thanks to a careless driver in a blue dodge van.

Hit and run cases are on the rise and irresponsible driving is something to be seriously condemned.

Brennan is charged with DUI manslaughter. He faces serious charges and even with the help of the best attorney, has slim chances of minimizing his sentence. Manslaughter sentence in Tampa has always been severe and stringent so far and only time will tell us what is in store for Brennan.