Second DUI defense

Getting caught for DUI is one of the most unfortunate things. It is a simple mistake from which can open your eye and this will make you not to commit it again. But you cannot escape by just realising your mistake. You will have to face penalties according to second DUI Law of the state once you undergo second DUI Conviction. It is never an easy task to get out of the charges. You need to adopt a few strategies and develop a good Second DUI Defense. This is going to be quite different from First DUI Defence because of the seriousness of the case and also because the laws involved are more complex and also are the penalties.


Strategies for second DUI defense

There is no alternative to hiring a good attorney. This is the very first thing you have to once you face second DUI Conviction. Do not hire any lawyer. A DUI lawyer is the best since he or she will know all the clauses of law regarding DUI and will be able to help you better than ordinary ones.


You need to note the method use to convict you. If a breath tester was used, get the model and the manufacturer’s name. Check whether the device is accurate by researching on the web. This can help you to pull out to the case if the device is not very accurate.

It is also good to note down the diet you had few hours before being arrested for second DUI Offense. This is very important since various substances in diet can cause the medical examination results to be inaccurate. It is also good to check the accuracy percentage of the tests conducted in the hospital were you were examined. If the hospital has a high rate of discrepancies in test results you can present it in court and prove you are not guilty even if you really are. If you were convicted with the aid of a breath analyser, setting up 2nd DUI Defense becomes very easy since because of what is called belch defense. There is a probability that BAC might be within the prescribed limit but as the air passes through your mouth, the leftovers of alcohol in you mouth can increase the percentage of alcohol in your breadth and you may have been convicted wrongly. This point can be used to come out of the trial successfully.