Second DUI conviction

DUI seems to be a very simple offense, but that is not the way in which the law enforcers see it. This is due to the fact that driving Under Influence can put your life in danger and that of others too. You have to try your very best not to undergo an arrest for DUI because unlike other crimes there are too many penalties which you will have to face including fines, jail term, DUI School and court probation. These penalties will consume a lot of money and your financial reserves and may put the rest of your life in jeopardy.  DUI Conviction Rate is going up and down. There is no consistency.

How Second DUI Conviction can affect your Record

If you think that the effects of 2nd DUI Conviction will pass away like the first, you are wrong. Trust me; the First DUI Conviction is handled far lightly by the law enforcers when compared to the way in which they will be dealing with you now.

In every state 2nd DUI Offense is treated as an act of felony and not surprisingly the law enforces will have criminal file on you and this is sure to affect your life. You will be stamped as a criminal and there is a high probability that you will lose your job regardless of your skill level. The main problem once you are convicted is that your file will be available on the server of the law enforcement which can be accessed by the public. Thus when to queue for a job or an admission in an educational institution the authorities involved will come across your record and is sure to debar you. I would recommend that you Avoid DUI Conviction at all cost as it will blemish your record for ever.

Minimum Fine and Prison for 2nd DUI Conviction

A Second DUI Conviction is sure to land you on fines and a jail term. The fine and the term you will have to spend in prison will depend on the laws of the state regarding DUI. Most states have refined the laws to be harsh on DUI convicts.The fines will range from $1800 to $2800 in California. It is higher in many other states. The California you are required to spend a minimum of 96 hours in prison but that is for a case where no accidents were involved. The term is sure to go up to 30 or more if the situation was worse.