Penalty for First DUI

Undoubtedly, drinking alcohol is legal after a certain age and you can enjoy it any time. However, if you are driving any vehicle after being intoxicated then it is a crime. Under the Driving under Influence Law, any person who drives after consuming alcohol or any other sort of drug is liable for conviction.

Individuals who have been found guilty committing the same crime more than once are familiar with the terms and penalties. However, if it is your First DUI Offense then you should be ready to face difficult situations. If you are charged with 1st DUI Law, the first thing you should be familiar with is what is the penalty for first DUI.

1st Offense DUI Penalties

It has been seen that 1st DUI penalty depends on plethora of factors and it varies from one individual to other. This is the reason why you can never predict what lies in your fate after being convicted with first DUI law. However, there are a few common 1st DUI fines imposed on the accused.

  • Initially, the intoxicated individual is issued a ticket. He or she is sent to the police station and confined there until they recover from the influence of alcohol or drugs completely.
  • The stay in the jail can be longer for some individuals. Generally, individuals who do not cooperate with the procedure of police they can be made to spend a term of four months to two years in the jail.
  • Another most common 1st DUI penalty for offenders of the law is suspension of driving license. Again, the duration of suspension varies from one case to other.
  • Moreover, the individuals who committed first DUI Offense are asked to attend alcohol awareness classes. Such classes play a central role in making people aware of the fatal consequences of driving under influence.

What you should know: First DUI Charges

First DUI Charges might come as a shock to you. However, you should not sit back and let things happen at their pace. It is essential to take appropriate steps at the earliest possible in order to protect yourself from first DUI penalty.

  • Hiring an attorney is the first step towards protecting yourself from heavy 1st DUI fines. It is essential to choose the best attorney with proven experience in the industry.
  • Collect all possible evidences that can help you in proving your innocence during the hearing.