Penalties for DUI 3

Getting arrested for 3rd DUI is one of the most unfortunate in life. The offense may seem to be not very serious but the aftermath of the conviction resulting from the harsh penalties you have to face is sure to plunge your life into jeopardy.  It may affect the rest of your life since in certain cases, third dui offense comes under the category of class four felonies and you will be registered as a criminal and have a criminal record for the rest of your life which can hinder your career and education.


3rd DUI penalties

will consist of fines, jail term, and suspension of license. All the above said penalties are mandatory. Extra penalties that the court may impose on you after considering the intensity of the case includes court probation, DUI School and even Ignition Interlock. The fines and jail term for the third conviction will depend on 3rd dui law of the county from where you were arrested. In most states the minimum jail term is four months and if the case is worse it can go up to a year or so. The fine that you have to pay may put your financial reserves in jeopardy because the amount can be around $3000. If probation is included in the sentence it will of minimum three years and in extreme cases it can be of five years.


The license will be suspended for at least three years which means that you will need assistance to get to work and visit other places. You will also need to pay a huge amount to reinstate the license. DUI School will be for a period of 18 months and in some states it is for two years. A 3rd dui conviction will extract a lot of money from you. So it is best to get 3rd dui insurance as soon as you are convicted for the second time on DUI. 3rd DUI charges can underage drinking and driving, damage to public property and other charges as the case may be.

Things to do when convicted:

  • Ensure that you are not convicted on the basis of breath test alone as it is not very accurate.
  • Get the best DUI lawyer in town.
  • Report any discrepancies in Blood Testing Process to make it invalid.
  • Get an eye witness to prove your sobriety.