Miami Dui, Impaired Drunk Driving Facts

The number of accidents have been a matter of great concern in the since the last decade.

Here are some facts about drunk driving that would hopefully help to keep you away from the wheels when you are drunk.

  • In Miami alone, there are about 198 deaths due to drunken driving every year.
  • It may seem to you that you would be in perfect condition to drive when you are drunk, but it is not.
  • You would not only be putting your life in danger, but also that of the passengers of your car, and as well as other drivers and pedestrians on the street. This is why, most bar tenders tend to confiscate the car keys of anybody in the bar who seems too drunk to drive, and asks them to call someone from their family or a friend to pick them up at the bar.

Misdemeanor Convictions

The state of Florida has imposed huge fines for anyone who has been caught Driving Under an Influence (DUI). Drunk driving arrests are very common in Miami, as the hard working police officers are always on the lookout for anybody who may be risking themselves and the civilians on the street by taking to the wheels while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • The officers have the right to pull any suspect of DUI over and investigate into the matter.
  • They would invariably ask the suspect to take a sobriety test, which the suspect is obliged to take by the Laws of the state.
  • Should any suspect refuse to take the test, his driving license may be cancelled for a period of up to 18 months. The term for cancellation of this license may increase if the suspect has a history of refusing to take the sobriety tests.
  • An on field sobriety test would normally entail the police officer asking the suspect for a blood sample, or a urine sample or a simple breath test.


DUI Miami would entail the offender being prosecuted by the state of Florida in order to “prevent accidents and save lives”.

  • If found guilty the first time, the offender may get away with paying a simple fine (depending on the severity of his offence).
  • However, if the offender is found to have been guilty of the same infractions before, or if he has a prior history of such multiple infractions, he may have a harsher prosecution, where he may be asked to go through DUI School Miami, or have his driver’s license revoked for a period of up to 3 years, or be sentenced to Community Service or even Prison, depending on the severity of his infractions and his history in such matters.

Treatment if Required –

  1. If the Miami DUI Defense attorney offered to the offender or hired by the offender pleads guilty, you may get off with a less severe penalty.
  2. However, the state shall impose some kind of penalty on the offender. The offender may not be sent to prison in such a case, but the offender would most likely be asked to join a rehab, if the offender has a pervious history of drug or alcohol abuse against his name.

Miami Drunk Driving Statistics :-

• Total alcohol deaths = 198

• Total under 21 alcohol deaths = 21

• Alcohol driving fatalities per 100k people = 3.5

• Under 21 alcohol driving fatalities per 100k people = 1.4

• 10 year variation in alcohol impaired fatalities = –31.3%

• 10 year variation in alcohol impaired fatalities for under 21 drivers = –58.8%

• Under 18 driving under the influence = 74

• Total number of driving under the influence = 15,704

• Under 18 Alcohol Laws = 394

• Total Alcohol Laws = 9,791