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Fatal Drunk Driving

Driving in a drunken state is one of the worst things that anybody could possibly do. It could not only put the driver and his passengers in danger, but also other drivers, passengers, and especially pedestrians. It can bring a part of the town to a grinding halt, it the road in question is the only route to a certain frequented place. When you are driving in a drunken state, not only are you causing danger to your own life, but also to a number of innocent lives.

One of the worst things about drunk driving is being the victim of a car crash.

Not only do the victims suffer severe injuries in most cases, but also, they have trouble claiming their personal injury coverage.

  • Criminal defense lawyers in Miami are always trying to help out some poor chap who might have gone astray behind the wheels. Drunk driving defense is one of the things that the defense lawyers at Miami are prolific at. Of course, the best way to keep yourself from having your driving license revoked is to drive safely in the first place.
  • The Miami DUI defense strategies are some of the best in the world, and they always strive to ensure that their clients try to get off with the minimum possible penalties, and in cases where their clients may not be guilty, they work their socks off to ensure that the person in question is not charged. A DUI Law Firm always strives to fulfill the needs of their clients.
  • Certain law firms also offer services to towns in Florida that are outside Miami, for example Tampa, and also in certain other states like Delaware. The Tampa DUI and the Delaware DUI, both provide just as effective a service as the ones in Miami.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

This is one of the most serious areas where the law firms strive to keep their clients happy.
  • The lawyers always strive hard to ensure that their clients can claim whatever insurance they are supposed to receive after even a minor accident.
  • Accidents are never taken lightly by any firm, and they always try to get their injured clients back on their feet as soon as possible.
  • In spite of all the protection, insurance, and defense attorneys that you may have it is never safe to play with your life by getting behind the wheel in a drunken state.
  • In Florida alone 660 people die every year due to driving under the influence of alcohol, which is an alarmingly high rate.

Potential Recovery

The recovery of any damaged asset is not an easy process by any means. You would invariably have to go through lengthy negotiations with the insurance companies, who would try to incorporate the tiniest clauses in their agreement to withhold your payment. Professional lawyer in such scenarios are equivalent of messengers from heaven. They are, in most cases, aware of the tiniest loopholes in the agreement, which would ensure that you can receive your claim properly. Of course, they would invariably demand a fee for this kind of quality service, but this is a fee that is worth every penny you pay.

DUI Injury and Fatality

Total deaths due to alcohol = 660

Total under 21 deaths due to alcohol = 69

Alcohol driving deaths per 100,000 people = 3.5

Under 21 alcohol driving deaths per 100,000 people = 1.4

10 year deviation in alcohol impaired deaths = –36.9%

10 year deviation in alcohol impaired deaths for under 21 drivers = –48.2%

Under 18 driving under the influence = 245

Total number of driving under the influence = 52,346

Under 18 Alcohol Laws = 1313

Total Alcohol Laws = 32,637