Is an attorney truly needed on arrest for DUI?

Yes, of course if you really want yourself to get out of the DUI case quickly and safely then its necessary to hire an attorney. He will legally help you to get rid of the charges. The law has become more complicated because the court has merged the civil sanctions with the criminal sanctions. You are not aware of changes in your rights and requirements of the police.

If you will be having an experienced DUI attorney he will keep informing you time to time. And also be able of taking you out of the case sooner. As an attorney is very well aware of all rules and regulations and of course laws related to DUI cases. But it’s very necessary to be honest with you attorney. Also there is a fear of jail for extreme D.U.I which can be handled by an attorney. It is very true that only an attorney can really help you in getting a positive result in your case. He knows about the penalties and charges of DUI, so hiring an attorney on DUI arrest will be a favorable decision for you to get the rid of the DUI case soon and safe.