Illinois Governor Signs Stronger DUI – New alcohol laws in Illinois

August, 2012. [Illinois]. In a recent event, the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn gave his agreement to two important bills related to new alcohol law in the state. He signed two bills during the event of Midwest Security and Police Conference and Expo, organized by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police or ILACP. One of the bills was about increasing the penalties or fines for drunk driving cases and spreading more awareness among minor through social hosting, and adding more power to the efforts being made for the enforcement of drunk driving laws.

Quite certainly, due to an increase in the cases of drunk driving, government is looking more serious about it. In this regard, the President of ILACP, Timothy J. Swanson said that the law enforcement community of the state Illinois completely supports the idea of increase in fines related to the 2nd and subsequent DUI convictions. (DUI means Driving Under The Influence). Timothy J. Swanson is also the Chief of Municipal Policing within the Kankakee County. In the past, the amount collected through DUI fines were sent to the local agencies for law enforcement for crime prevention related to alcohol. It also included the section of officer training and tools.

Swanson tried to put some emphasis on showing the facts and figures related to drunk driving casualties. He said “that more than 40% of traffic casualties in the state of Illinois are caused due to drunk driving“. He also added that in every 30 minutes, at least one person in America loses his/her life due to drunk driving, and in every 2 minutes, someone is wounded. In support of the new bill, he said that this law will provide strength to the efforts being made by the local law enforcement agencies, which in turn wil bring down the number of incidents related to drunk driving.

Governor Quinn also gave his nod the bill HB1554 by signing over it. According to this bill, if an adult knowingly allow minors falling below the age of 21 to consume alcohol in their home or on their property then it will be considered as a misdemeanor. And, the fine or penalty associated with this misdemeanor is $500. In addition, in case the breach results in physical harm or casualty, the adult will be slapped with a felony.

In relation to the bills, Governor Quinn said that the government has always kept public safety as their top priority. He also added that these two new laws will add necessary strength to their efforts to put a stop to crimes associated with DUI and send a tough message that underage drinking will never be allowed in any case.

The ILACP or Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police is a specialized association incorporating Chiefs of Police and other police officials and public safety associations in Illinois. During the conference, more than 1,200 Police Chiefs and additional officers turned up to show their presence in the event. Without any doubt, the laws will bring positive results.