Florida Dui Statistics, Beat A Florida State Dui Crash

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunken driving is one of the biggest mistakes that you could make, not just in Florida, but anywhere in the world. To begin with you put your own life, as well as the life of anybody else who might be in your car at great peril.

The safety of you and your loved ones is one of the most important things, and should never be ignored.

  • Drunk driving crashes could be very fatal to anyone inside the car, especially for anyone in the front seat, including the driver.
  • Statistics show that in 2010 alone there have been 3.5 fatal driving accidents induced by alcohol per every hundred thousand people in the state of Florida.
  • For the under 21 drivers, there are have been 1.4 fatal accidents induced by alcohol per every hundred thousand people in the state of Florida alone.
  • Compared to the other parts of the country, these stats are pretty high.

Florida D.U.I. Arrests

To try to curb these fatalities, the state of Florida has imposed hefty fines for anyone found to be Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

  • That Florida DMV states that in 2011 alone, there have been 55,722 tickets issued for DUI in 2011 alone.
  • Out of these 55,722 tickets, 21,868 tickets were issued by the Florida Sheriff’s Department; 23,649 tickets were issued by the different police departments in Florida; while 9,328 tickets were issued by the FHP.
  • The drunk driving arrest statistics in Florida shows that 33,625 arrests have been made for DUI in 2011 alone.

D.U.I. Repeat Offender

  • The Florida DUI records show that repeat offenders may have their driving license taken away for a period of 18 months to 3 years.
  • They could also be sentenced to Community Services or imprisonment, depending upon the severity of their respective infraction.
  • Some repeat DUI parties may even have their driving license revoked for life.
  • Although there are many law agencies that would assist you and tell you how to fight a DUI charge against you, these petitions are generally lengthy, and require a large sum of money from the respective offender.

Alcohol Deaths

One of the primary reasons why the state of Florida imposes such severe penalties for is to prevent its people from ending up in fatal accidents. It is for your own safety that an officer would be likely to pull you over on the suspicion of DUI in Miami, or anywhere else in Florida.

  • The total number of deaths for driving under the influence of alcohol in Florida is 660 in the year 2011 alone.
  • Out of these 660, under 21 drunk driving cases have been 69. That means that over 10% of the alcohol deaths in Florida are cases of less than 21 drunk driving.

D.U.I. Stop Issues

  1. If a police officer suspects some driver of driving under an influence, he has the right to pull him over to investigate further into the matter.
  2. The officer would ask the driver for an on field drug test through blood sample, urine sample, or a simple breath test.
  3. Refusing these tests would result in cancellation for the driver’s license for up to 18 months.

Florida Drunk Driving Statistics :-

• Total alcohol deaths = 660

• Total under 21 alcohol deaths = 69

• Alcohol driving fatalities per 100k people = 3.5

• Under 21 alcohol driving fatalities per 100k people = 1.4

• 10 year variation in alcohol impaired fatalities = –36.9%

• 10 year variation in alcohol impaired fatalities for under 21 drivers = –48.2%

• Under 18 driving under the influence = 245

• Total number of driving under the influence = 52,346

• Under 18 Alcohol Laws = 1313

• Total Alcohol Laws = 32,637