First DUI Law

Drinking and driving is considered an offense in almost every state. Any individual who is found guilty of driving after consuming alcohol is liable for punishment under the first DUI Law. The acronym DUI is used to refer to Driving Under Influence of either alcohol or any other type of drugs.

It has been seen that individuals being arrested under 1st DUI Law are increasing manifold times. It is not surprising if you find yourself or any of your relatives landing in this troublesome situation. Thus, it is essential to acquaint yourself with basic information about consequences of driving under influence.

First DUI Offense

If you think you are the only person facing first DUI Offense, then you might be going wrong. Large numbers of people every day commit the same mistake. However, since all of them are first timers the level of anxiety is more. They are not familiar with the laws and convictions and thus get scared easily. Well, you should handle the charge carefully and take suitable steps to deal away with first DUI Penalties.

It has been seen that people involved in first DUI offense are unaware with the rules. Thus, they should appoint an attorney who can look into their case and guard the accused to the maximum extent possible. It is worth mentioning that you should not take much time in taking suitable action regarding DUI legislation. Usually, offenders of the law are given a period of ten days to make a request for hearing.

If the offender takes no action in this time, the procedure for suspending the license of driver under Drink Driving Law begins automatically. If you are successful in the hearing of the case then nothing can get better. However, if the hearing is unsuccessful it is essential to get familiar with the punishment you might have to face.

First DUI Penalties

The punishment given to the individual found guilty under First DUI law depends on various factors that have been mentioned below:

  • If the person agrees to take chemical test then the punishment given is less harsh. Generally, suspension of license for four months is the first DUI penalty in this case.
  • Individuals who deny taking chemical test on being arrested have to face license suspension for one year.

Well, if you want to guard yourself from all such penalties then it is necessary to hire the best attorney in the city who can present the case on your behalf.