First DUI Insurance

If you have been convicted with drink driving, then you should get ready to face some of the most difficult days of your life. These days, driving under influence is considered a huge crime and the states take no time in giving harsh punishments to the offenders. It is worth mentioning that if you have committed First DUI Offense then you need to be extra careful. It is required because such people are unaware of the terms and procedures followed and end up messing the entire situation.

Various issues are there that need consideration of the individuals but one amongst the most important ones is First DUI Insurance. The fact is not hidden from anyone that a vehicle should have insurance coverage before it can be drove on the road. Similarly, one should get DUI Insurance in order to avoid additional charges on being caught in case of driving under influence.

It is true that insurance companies in the market are offering different kinds of insurance policies but the one required essentially is SR22 Insurance Policy. If you have this particular insurance with you then fewer charges would be there against your name.

SR22 Insurance for DUI

In case you have First DUI Offense on your name then it is essential to have a special type of insurance document called SR22 Insurance for DUI. This document is used by DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles Offices. This document can be used as a proof to show that the offender of DUI Law has minimum coverage for the insurance policy. The limit for the insurance policy varies from one state to the other and thus it is essential to check the limit for the state in which you are residing.

Drivers who do not even own a vehicle on their name can own the SR22 insurance document.  If you want to cancel this insurance policy at any time then it can be possible by getting SR26 form.

Broadly, the SR22 high-risk insurance policy can be divided into two categories that are as follows:

  • Owner Policy – As the name suggests this policy is for all those individuals who own a vehicle on their name. The users can enjoy this insurance policy by paying a certain amount of premium to the insurance company.
  • Non-Owner Policy – This insurance policy is meant for those individuals who operate the vehicle. The Policy document is valid for different types of vehicles.