First DUI conviction

Many people are there who have a habit of drinking at the clubs and then driving back home. Well, no problem would arise until the time you are being caught by the police. These days, all the states in the country have become strict towards offenders of DUI Law and you never know when you would be facing your First DUI Conviction.

The recent laws and trends seen in the states clearly indicate that your First DUI Offense can impose consequences for a long duration. This is the reason why you should avoid DUI conviction to the maximum extent possible. However, if situation has arisen in which nothing can be done but you have to face the conviction then handle it smartly.

How long is Probation for a First DUI CONVICTION?

Surely, individuals facing 1st DUI conviction have loads of questions in their minds and it is essential to seek answers to each of these questions. One of the most frequently asked question is about the probation period for first DUI arrest.

Well, it is true that option of probation period is provided to people charged with first DUI Offense. The duration of this period is maximum one year maximum. The duration of probation period is same for individuals involved with DUI offense for the second time.

Conditions for Probation for First DUI Conviction

  • If the court grants probation to an individual with 1st DUI conviction, there are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled in the best manner possible. All such conditions have been mentioned in the following lines:
  • A fine is imposed on the person on probation and the amount of the fine can be anywhere between $390 and $1000.
  • The accused person may also be asked to stay confined in the jail. The term for confinement in the jail should be more than forty eight hours and less than six months. It is worth mentioning that these conditions should be fulfilled necessarily for any person who is given the option of probation under First DUI conviction.
  • The person has to surrender to driving license to the court during his probation period.
  • The individual is also made to attend classes where they are being taught about harmful consequences for driving under influence. Counseling sessions are also being provided such that DUI conviction rate decreases.

Various other conditions are also need to be fulfilled depending on the state in which the crime has taken place.