First DUI Arrest

Being arrested for First DUI Offense is not something you can forget easily. These days, all the states have issued stricter laws against offenders of DUI Law. Thus, if you or any of your known ones faced First DUI Arrest it is necessary to tackle the situation carefully.

It is natural that when Drink Driving Arrests take place plethora of questions must be popping in your mind. The most common asked questions in such a situation is what is the punishment for first DUI and what should be done in order to escape it.

Here are mentioned the consequences in case of 1st DUI Offense.

First DUI Punishment

  • Firstly, any individual found with alcohol level from .10 to .08 in blood can be arrested for offending DUI Law and he is liable to face First DUI Punishment.
  • It is worth mentioning that the punishment for first DUI becomes harsher if the person being arrested denies taking the chemical test. Thus, you should never deny taking the test and cooperate with the police in the best manner possible.
  • The 1st DUI Sentence for the accused is generally for ninety days along with fines. Since the individual is found guilty for committing first DUI Offense, the amount of fine is less. In addition, he is made to attend classes for alcohol education and classes for knowing how DUI charges affect the individual.

Steps after First DUI Arrest

After the first DUI arrest and charges, you might have to go through the following steps.

  • Arraignment โ€“ This is the point where you are presented in front of the judge along with the charge statement. The judge asks the offender whether he is innocent or he finds himself guilty for committing the crime. It would be better if you appoint an attorney beforehand as he would tell you what should be done in such a situation.
  • Hearing โ€“ In this phase, the evidences by your attorney are put in front of the judge. After looking at these evidences, the jury decides whether the offender is guilty or innocent.
  • Bargaining โ€“ if you are found guilty then the prosecutor puts forward his demands and the accused has to fulfill each one of them. However, you can always take a chance of bargaining and lower down their demands that can be easily fulfilled.



It is always considered better to prepare yourself to deal with all these stages in advance.