Fife Police Say : a man has crashed his car with his infant and his 3-year-old child

Under influence, a 27 year old man in Fife crashed his car into a telephone pole. He had with him his three year old child and an infant when the accident occurred, according to the police. Michael Brecheen was under influence when his vehicle lost control and went off the road in a no-passing zone to crash into the pole says Tim Floyd, Fife Police Cmdr.

It was 3:41 PM when officials rushed to the crash site at Freeman Road East, 3100 block. After the vehicle crashed, the father apparently took the two children left them with their mother living nearby before returning to the vehicle, said Floyd.

Police sources who checked on the children said there were no injuries. Police found one booster seat in the car though they are unsure of where the children were in the car when the accident occurred.

According to reports on KIRO-TV by other drivers who were on the spot during the crash, the son was in the back seat of the vehicle unrestrained while the infant was on the driver’s lap. On Wednesday, Brecheen pleaded not guilty to reckless driving and DUI charges and was ordered held for $1000 bail.

Careless driving is one of the major causes of accidents in Fife and in most parts of the country. Drivers driving without any consideration or care for other vehicles on the road cause immense damage. Circumstances and facts of each case determine whether the driving was careless or not. In this case, Brecheen obviously was very careless, driving with small children under influence.

Drivers suspected for DUI like this in Fife will first be arrested by the police officer. The procedure goes thus –


  • The case will then be filed in the Fife Municipal Court usually by a private attorney serving the city. City of Fife’s elected judge usually presides over the case.
  • The moment you or anyone known to you is arrested for driving under influence in Fife, you must immediately contact a reputed DUI lawyer in the city.
  • The person arrested for driving under influence has to wait till the following court day to see the judge. Until then, they will be held in custody without bond.
  • Within 24 to 72 hours from arrest, DUI charge will be filed in Fife. The accused must act immediately and contact a DUI lawyer in Fife. Strict conditions are likely to be placed on your release depending on your driving under influence history.

Contact the best Fife DUI attorney immediately to ensure that you or your loved one is not held in custody for more time than required. Strict release conditions can be avoided if you are prepared.

If you face such a predicament, your license may be at a risk of being suspended by Fife’s Department of Licensing. With the help of your attorney, you must ask request for an administrative hearing within 20 days from your DUI arrest date.

Driving under the influence facts show that in order to make case negotiations smooth, you can take several proactive steps with the help of your attorney. This will help you and your Fife DUI lawyer be prepared for any issues that may arise.