DUI Statistics California, Statistics By State

In United States, have one drink for driving was once a phrase commonly used by many. However, the dangers associated with drive under the influence (dui) have been recognized now. Drunk driving not only causes problems in the health of the individual, but it is a public health concern. It puts the driver, passengers and other people sharing the road at risk. In the State of California, the DUI laws are similar to the laws of many other states in the United States. If you are stopped at suspicion of drug on road, you will need to take breath, urine or blood test. If the blood alcohol concentration is more than the limits, you will need to incur penalties.

California Drunk Driving Statistics

According to California DUI Arrest statistics, 863 per 100,000 licensed drivers were arrested in the year 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI accident Statistics shows that the total number of alcohol related fatalities were 1,489 in the year 2007. Among total number of traffic fatalities, alcohol related fatalities comprise 37%. Alcohol involved injuries amounted to 30, 783 in the same year. The number of people who died in road accidents that were a result of alcohol or other drug increased to 1, 768 in the year 2010. There were 24, 343 traffic related injuries that involved alcohol.


DUI facts California

In the state of California, the law enforcement reported that the average Blood Alcohol concentration (BAC) level of a convicted DUI Offender was 0.15% in the year 2009. Even the BAC level of .02 affects the driving ability of the individual and increase the chance of crash. The likelihood of a crash begins to increase drastically at .05 % BAC and rise significantly after .08% BAC. DUI Age statistics in California shows that the average age of the convicted offender was 30 years in 2010.

DUI Death Statistics show that driving under the influence is the most important cause of automotive related fatalities in the state of California. DUI Fatality Statistics prove that the number of people killed by intoxicated drivers was more than double the number of American soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan wars in 2007. Florida DUI Statistics demonstrate that there were 792 fatal accidents in Florida in the year 2008, where at least one driver has 0.08 BAC level or more.

The shocking fact is the number of underage drinking is increasing every year. Underage DUI Statistics reveal that 4275 under 18 years were arrested in 2010 for driving under the influence. The number of under 21 alcohol impaired fatalities amounted to 94 in 2010.

Percent convicted of DUI

In the state of California, DUI laws are very strict. 162, 046 were convicted in 2008 for driving under the influence. The percent convicted of DUI was 75. This is lower that the percent convicted of DUI is 2007, which was 79%. As the penalties for DUI are too rigid in California, it is always advisable to understand what the punishment for drunk driving is. If it is your first offense, you may need to incur fines and penalties for $1400 to $2600, 4 days to 6 months imprisonment and 30 days to 10 months of license suspension. If it is your second or third offence, the punishment will be more severe. In the state of California, .08 BAC DUI repeat offer suspensions amounted to 46388 in 2008. If you refuse to take the test, your license will be suspended by the officer. In 2008, .08 test refusal suspensions amounted to 5459.

Percent convicted of alcohol reckless driving

Reckless driving convictions involving alcohol were 16, 913 in California in the year 2008. The percent convicted of reckless driving under the influence of alcohol was 7.9%. This is little bit more than the percent in the previous year.

Drug involved injuries

The number of drug involved injuries decreased by 7.5% in 2008 in the state of California.

Total DUI arrest

Total number of DUI arrests in 2007 was 203866. It is more than the total number of DUI arrests in 2006, which was 197248.