DUI Process

Without any doubt, laws associated with DUI offense in the United States are quite stringent and one must have some knowledge about DWI process. If you are among one of them who drink and drive on regular basis, then you better be prepared to face the worst. However, if you go through the DUI process manual, it will definitely help you a lot. So,

let us offer you some information in this regard.


DUI Options

If you ever break the laws and being charged for DUI offense, before thinking about anything else you should measure up your available options. For example, let us talk about the DUI process in California; below are the available options for you.

  • The first option you have in your hand is hire a lawyer or an attorney. An experienced attorney can help you in many ways. First of all, he/she will protect you time and privacy. With the rise in the number of cases related to DUI offense, it has become really easy to find and hire a lawyer who works on DUI cases.
  • After hiring the attorney, you and your lawyer must get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) of California as soon as possible, possibly within 10 days of your arrest. This must be done in order to safeguard your right to drive any vehicle in the state. It means your license will be safe from being suspended for 30 days or more.
  • The hearing related to safeguarding your license will not be held along with the main hearing inside the criminal court. So, the DMV hearing is completely independent from the criminal court hearing. It is highly possible that you might be slapped with two separate Driving under the Influence offenses, which are CVC 23152(a) and CVC 23152(b). CVC stands for California Vehicle Code. In this case, an experienced DUI lawyer will try to do away with at least one of the charges. Criminal court hearing may continue for several months.
  • It is crucial to remember that evidence counts a lot. Therefore, your attorney must request before the court to grant some time to gather important evidences to defend you.


DUI Court Process

Going through the DUI court process after being arrested can be a frightening experience. However, having a beforehand knowledge about the steps involved in DUI court process will definitely help you a lot. Below are the main phases:

  1. Hire a lawyer or attorney, should be an experienced one
  2. Contact the DMV (department of motor vehicle) of your state
  3. The prosecutor, the judge, and a jury are also likely to take part in the hearings.
  4. It starts with arraignment.


DUI Trail Process

It is of two types – Bench and Jury. You can choose any one of them, but since you can always have the right to move from a jury to a bench, therefore it is better to select a jury. The phases involved in the DUI trail process are:

  1. Opening statement
  2. The prosecution’s case
  3. The defense case
  4. Closing statements
  5. Verdict
  6. Sentencing


DUI Arrest Process

Before arresting any person, the officer will ask for proof of identification, registration of the vehicle, and may be DUI insurance as well. While going through the documents, the officer will closely notice the environment of the vehicle, driver’s dexterity and response time as well. If the officer suspects something fishy, he may ask the driver to come out of the vehicle and go through a field sobriety test or give blood sample for BAC test. If the reports are found to be positive, the driver will be arrested by the officer.