DUI Offense

DUI offense is considered to be a serious by most law enforcers. This is because when you are drive after using drugs or alcohol, you tend to cause harm not only to yourself but to public in general. The legal proceedings once you are apprehended for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will depend on the damage that you caused and also the laws of the state governing the same. It is always good to know about how law handles DUI offense. Understanding it properly will enable you to evade various DUI charges and punishments if you are arrested.


First DUI Offense

The DUI law governing how you will be prosecuted if you are caught for First drunk driving offense vary with state. It is best that you consult with your DUI lawyer when you face charges. As a part of the legal proceedings, your driver license will be suspended. It is very difficult to evade the charges once you are caught. You need to get the best lawyer in place who is experience in DUI cases. Only such a lawyer will be able to make use of loopholes in law and make sure that you can have your driving license back.

If you are ready to take chemical test to determine whether you were driving under the influence of intoxicants, the suspension of the license will be for a period of four months after which you can revive it. You will also be required to get DUI insurance.


2nd DUI Offense

When you get caught for driving after consuming intoxicants Second Time, it can be very difficult to clear the charges. Here are some things that you can do to avoid being convicted:

  • If you were apprehended on basis of test other than chemical tests, you can state this in the court and have better chances to shake off the charges.
  • Have the interrogation process recorded on a camera. This will ensure that the cops do not add anything on the charges as they usually do.
  • Get someone to testify that you were not committing DUI felony at the time of arrest.


3rd DUI Offense

Third DUI is an extreme case of DUI offense. You will be subjected to a series of penalties. There is a probability that you may have be in prison for a period of four months.  You may be put on probation for five years or more. You will have to pay for the damages, if any. You are sure to lose your license and may be sent to de addiction camp. Once you are caught, you need to start formulating DUI defense strategies. Like If you were arrested hours after the accident occurred then you have a real chance of evading by stating that you were not present in the car at that time. Police will not be able to prove it often.


4th DUI Offense

You are in serious trouble once you are arrested for fourth DUI offense. There is no doubt that you will end in prison and the sentence will lengthen if people were hurt when you were driving under influence. All other levels of DUI are easier to evade when compared to this. You will have to pay a fine in addition to spending considerable time in prison. You have to mandatorily stick to chemical test as it is the best method for proving if you were influence or not. Have an attorney who specializes in DUI defend you. He or she will know all the loopholes and may save you from all the penalties.