DUI Laws – Got Stricter In Alabama

A bill was signed by Governor Robert Bentley on tuesday 14th June 2011 which finally declared that Ignition Interlock Devices are essential for the offender of DUI ie driving under influence.

The State’s DUI laws got to be tougher. And according to the bill it is necessary for the blamed drunk drivers to go through a breathalyzer before starting their cars. The placed device on a dash of a car needs driver to blow into a breathalyzer just before starting the vehicle.

Dothan PIO Rachel David, stated that it’s undeniably going to help law enforcement officers.

The conditions in which installation of the device is must under the new law are:-

  1. DUI offenders on injuring someone.
  2. Anyone found with BAC of .15 or more than that.
  3. On refusal Of BAC test.
  4. On finding a child below 14years in the car at the time of arrest.

Sgt. David said due to alcohol more than 40 accidents took place this year. Around 82,000 people in Alabama are charged with three or more DUI offense. Sgt. David hopes for a better result by the new law to solve the problem. Again he said that undoubtedly, it’s an amazing law.

Lt. David hopes this tool to found helpful in fighting with DUI which is major problem.