DUI Defense

Most of the accidents caused due to drunken driving end up with damaged vehicles, broken bones, and wounded bodies. In some cases, it also ends up taking someone’s life. On the other hand, some people get caught by the offers for simple reasons, such as breaking the speed limit. For such people, it becomes really difficult to deal with DUI procedure because they never expected the same. For this reason,

it is essential for every driver to have some beforehand knowledge of DWI defense.

DWI stands for driving while intoxicated.

Defendants Rights and Options

As a citizen, you have several rights to defend yourself during the hearing inside the court. Below are some of the rights that you must use.

  1. You have the right to plead not guilty. It is never wise even from the view point of moral conduct to plead guilty. If you plead guilty, the chances are quite high that the court might punish you in a more harsh way.
  2. Once you get arrested for DUI offense, you have the right to hire a DUI Defense attorney for yourself. An experienced attorney or lawyer will help you in many ways. There are mainly two types of lawyers – Public defenders and Private defenders.
  3.  You have the right to choose between a jury trial and bench trial. The former option offers speedy trail process.
  4.  As a defendant, you have every right to confront and cross-examine the witness(s).
  5. Interestingly, you also have the right to stay silent, and it cannot be used against you, by the jury.
  6. You can even produce evidence to prove yourself as not guilty.

DUI Defense Strategies

Apart from hiring an experienced lawyer, you should also frame some sound strategies for drunk driving defense.

  • As a part of your defense strategy, your first task should be to attack or challenge the initial arrest. This can be done in many ways. For instance, you can throw an argument that you were just sitting on the driver’s seat, not driving it actually. But, this argument is only feasible if the officer didn’t see you driving the vehicle.
  • You can even challenge the results generated from Field Sobriety Test (FST). As a rule, it isn’t unlawful to drink, but to drink and drive is considered as a DUI offence. Since, FST does not provide complete proof of being intoxicated beyond the BAC limit; therefore you can certainly exploit this loophole in FST for your favor.
  • The most fundamental strategy is to hire an expert lawyer. Yes, you should never attempt to defend a DUI offense on your own.

Criminal Defense DUI

If your DUI offense is too grave or serious that can be considered as a felony, in that case you should really hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you from the DUI charges. DUI felony charges can lead to severe punishment, such as jail terms up to 4 years and heavy fines. But, a criminal attorney can provide you some relief for sure.


DUI Defense Cost

The cost of hiring an attorney for defending you against the charges of driving under the influence usually depends upon the basic aspects of your case. If you have been slapped with DUI felony, the cost would certainly be higher than what is charged for misdemeanor. In addition, the cost also depends upon the experience of the lawyer.

If you are looking for a reputed and successful attorney, be ready to shell out some good money. Nevertheless, you should never go for the lawyers who charge unusually low fees. But, before you try to find out the cost, it is essential to gain some knowledge about some basic things, such as the difference between felony and misdemeanor, DUI vs DWI, etc.