DUI Charges, Drunk Driving Penalties and Fines

What would you do when you have been indicted with a DUI that is driving under influence? First of all, it is completely a blunder to drive when you are drunk or intoxicated. In such cases, you not only put your own life at risk, but of commuters as well. Secondly, you should always keep the drink driving facts on your fingertips. Having an idea about such facts will help you deal with the situation like DUI Arrest in a better way. So, in order to help you out,

we will offer some crucial information related to driving under the influence.

Here it goes.

First DUI Penalties

A lot of people believe that First DUI Penalties do not come with any harsh consequences just because they are the first time offender. Well, this belief is completely wrong. The level of punishment completely depends upon the driving laws of the States. For instance, if you are in California and you are slapped with a first DUI offense then you will have to serve a prison term of at least 96 hours. In addition, you would also have to shell out up to $390 as a fine, and your driving license will be hanged up for six months. So, no one can say that California DUI penalties are not that harsh. Therefore, before you get drunk and get down on the road with your vehicle, keep the penalties in your mind.

Probation Period

It is the period during which an offender or lawbreaker has to strictly follow some rules, and one of them is the person cannot drink and drive. In the state of California, the court probation period is from 3 to 5 years. However, the offender does not have report to the probation officer. But, if the person has been slapped with second DUI offence then he or she has to serve 3 to 5 years of probation period. Again, the person has to abstain from drinking and driving. If the person is caught for the 3rd time and charged with a third DUI offense then it can lead to 3 to 5 years of Formal of Court probation. Court probation is the same rule we mentioned above, but in Formal probation the offender has to report to a Probation officer and that also on a regular basis. If some person get caught for the 4th time and slapped with 4th DUI offense then it may be equivalent to felony DUI. Punishment for such kind of DWI charges includes state prison up to 3 years, license will be cancelled permanently, and many more.

Ignition Interlock

This is an amazing device that can be installed on any motor vehicle’s dashboard. Once the device has been installed, the driver must exhale into the equipment in order to start the engine. If the concentration of alcohol in his/her breath is more than the accepted level, the device will prevent the engine from being ignited or started.

The amount of fines usually depends upon the level of DUI offense.

If it is too much grave, the offender might even have to land in jail. However, the amount usually starts from $1400 for the 1st DUI penalties and goes up to $2800 for the 3rd DUI penalties.



When someone gets arrested for violating driving rules or slapped with DUI charges, in such situations it is better to hire an experienced attorney, who can guide in a better way and help the person to get his/her license back. In addition, do not forget to install ignition interlock device on your vehicle.