DUI Arrest

If it’s your first time that you got arrested while driving under influence of either alcohol or may be under influence of legal drugs, you might definitely be thinking what to do or what actions are to be taken under this kind of unusual circumstances. There are numerous drivers who have been arrested under DWI Arrest for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

Everybody knows that the driving rules in regard with drinking are very strict, unfortunately many people do not understand it, and come under the DUI Arrest Records. Each and every state has different rules, penalties, responsibilities and requirements concerned to the rules of drinking and driving. If you wish to know the procedures that you can execute after getting arrested for driving under influence, you can know them in the following part of the article.


DUI Arrest Procedure

The very step that you need to consider after your first drunk driving arrest is taking a chemical test. With the help of chemical test, the cops can easily figure out clearly about you. A chemical test is really very important when you do not wish to take any other kinds of tests. Coming to the second step, it is to contact any person from the DUI attorney. Yes, with the help of a lawyer, you can easily come out of even a terrible trouble. Further, a lawyer can only understand better about the legal issues that you are facing. Thirdly, you are required to know about any bail bondman in and around your area. BY paying little amount, the bondman shall for your bail to let you out of the arrest troubles. In the fourth step, you have to request for DMV hearing.

You will be getting about 10 days to do so, this stage is very important as here you would know the decision by the court with respect to your licence. AT last, you need to plan up for an arraignment. Here, you are supposed to make a plea to court. With these five steps, you can get rid of the serious problems; nevertheless you need to be very straightforward and honest during the procedure. To know about DUI checkpoints, you can always refer your local newspaper.


House Arrest

House arrest is one such penalty that can be imposed under the dui conviction. Many people consider jail arrest better than house arrest. However, house arrest has also many benefits; one is that the jails of the state shall not get overcrowded. The conditions under house arrest mainly depend on the laws of each state. Usually, the person arrested will have to wear ankle bracelet and the reason behind it is the bracelet helps the state in tracking about the person’s whereabouts. Although many people are okay with house arrest, on the other side, if any person is found violating the rules of house arrest, he/she shall have to bear severe penalties.


Arrest statistics

In the year 2001, about 1.4 million were arrested under DUI. It literary means that every one individual among 137 drivers gets arrested in US. In the same year, about 1461 fatality cases came into consideration. Further, at least one arrest can be noticed per 772 episodes just during 2 hours of drunk driving.


Prison sentence

Drunk driving is a serious dui felony,

however the punishments usually differ from one state to another. The extreme punishment in this case would be a prison sentence for about a year. Nevertheless, fines, probations, house arrest, and jail sentences are quite common under DUI situations.