DUI Arrest will hurt Athens woman’s chances of joining the police department

In Athens, a woman was arrested on charges of DUI and she hopes that this incident will not mar her chances of getting into the police department. According to the police, 11.45 PM, this 22 year old woman was stopped by an officer on Lexington Road because one of the car headlights was not working. .

Police said that though there was a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the car and a slurred voice, the woman insisted that she just had one beer about an hour and a half earlier. The arrest report says that the woman insisted the odor in the car was from the previously spilt beer.

Having failed the sobriety tests that included three breathalyser tests showing 0.12 per cent blood-alcohol content, the woman was taken to jail, according to the police. The report by the arresting officer says that before being taken to the jail, the woman wanted to know whether she would face any issues with her application with the police department for being charged with a DUI.

Anyone charged with a DUI in Athens has to deal with a specialized and complex defence. If you or anyone known to you is charged with a situation similar to the above mentioned, the only way to maximize your chances of winning the DUI case is to take the help of expert attorneys.

Here are a few aspects to keep in mind –

  • Never fail to contact a DUI attorney immediately as it is a serious charge that could land you in jail. Your license could be suspended indefinitely and the DUI could reflect negatively on many aspects of your life.
  • Though the officer arresting the offender will note down the happenings, it is in your own interest to do the same. Jot down and even try to take some pictures from the area where you were arrested.
  • Never underestimate the capabilities of a reliable DUI attorney in Athens. It is not impossible to win a DUI case with the help of talented attorneys who know how to find mistakes and flaws if any in the alcohol blood level and breath and sobriety tests.
  • If your license is suspended, your DUI lawyer in Athens can contest the revocation based on various factors. It is not impossible to win the case based on certain technical defences such as sample not being taken within two hours, client having diabetes, observation period was not re-started by the officer after you burped, client wearing dentures or was chewing tobacco or something else during the test, client having just had a high protein diet and results under .12 showing below .10 in the retest.

Expert attorneys know how to contest the hearing to the client’s advantage as they have the key advantage of questioning the arresting officer. Athens, GA and surrounding areas have specific rules and regulations regarding breath test taken of the DUI suspect.

If these rules are not followed completely, it is possible to introduce rules violations to the evidence to show that the results are not very reliable. This could even completely do away with introducing the test results to the jury.

All this and more is possible only with the help of an expert Athens DUI attorney. So, if you face DUI arrest in this city, call the best attorney immediately for help.