Dui Arizona First Offense, First Drunk Driving Conviction

If you have been arrested for the first time in Arizona for drunken driving, you must understand what penalty for a first DUI offence you face. If you do not take the help of a reliable attorney to deal with the issue promptly, you may have to face long lasting effects of your first DUI charge in Arizona that will follow you for the rest of your life.

First Arrest for Drunk Driving

If you are arrested for drunken driving and charged with DUI offense for the first time, you face two separate charges.

  •  The Arizona court system will handle the first criminal charge of driving under influence
  •  Arizona Department of Transportation will handle the second charge related to your driver’s license. As a part of administrative action, your licence will either be suspended or revoked based on the severity of the case.


DUI Case Overview

Arizona DUI Statute 28-1381 states that any blood alcohol level value below .05% is not taken to be under influence. You will be charged with drunk driving in Arizona if the blood alcohol level values are anywhere between .05% and .08%. Here are a few DUI first offense facts –

  •  During questioning, if the person displays any sign of being under influence, he or she is under the risk of being charged with first offense DUI Arizona and arrested.
  •  First offense DUI offenders are those who have not been charged with DUI in the past seven years.
  •  If the BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration level is above .08, the person driving under influence can be charged and arrested even though he or she may not actually exhibit symptoms of driving under influence.
  •  When the police approach the vehicle, the person can face first DUI conviction Arizona even if he or she is not operating the vehicle at that particular time and only has the keys in their hands. Holding the keys, even if you are asleep in the vehicle shows you are in physical control while being drunk.


Strong Defense for a First Offense

If you have been convicted for drunk driving in Arizona, your clock starts ticking the moment you are pulled up by the officer. You must contact the best, qualified DUI defense lawyer immediately to ensure that you do not lose your driver’s license and to avoid criminal conviction.
Arizona is known for its stringent and harsh DUI laws in the country. It is imperative for you to make informed decisions with the help of a reputed attorney who will be able to guide you in the right direction and help you avoid license suspension and jail term. A knowledgeable lawyer will also know how to negate any long term implications and impact on professional licenses, employment, insurance rates and security clearance.
If you are charged under aggravated DUI Arizona, your charges will be severe. Aggravated DUI crimes are classified under class 4 felony crimes. You will face felony penalties if you are found driving under influence when you license is already suspended, restricted or revoked. You need the assistance of the best Tuscon DUI lawyer or an expert lawyer from anywhere in Arizona to help you come out of the charges with minimal implications.

Alcohol Treatment Programs
Those who are charged with DUI in Arizona and are required to undergo alcohol treatment program must visit a state-recommended centre to commence their treatment. Treatment and counselling sessions are offered by these centres that charge anywhere around $625 for the same.