Drunk Driving and dui facts

It is known to everyone that driving while intoxicated is quite dangerous, not only for the driver and people sitting inside the car, but also for the commuters on the road. Still, every now and then we get to know about road accidents happening due to drunk driving. However, some people are too careless to pay any heed to the statistics that hint towards the rising number of cases related to DUI offense. If you get to know about the facts and statistics associated with DUI, it will really scare you out. So,

let us provide some shocking facts about DUI.


DUI Facts Statistics

Below are some of the drinking and driving facts that every driver should know:

  • At least one person loses his/her life every ½ hour due to driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Each year, around 16,000 people are killed due to driving while intoxicated crashes.
  • In a research, it was found that alcohol is the reason behind almost 50% of the traffic fatalities.
  • Every minute, a person faces serious injuries due to an alcohol associated crash.
  • In America, around 30 percent of the people have got themselves involved in alcohol related crash.
  • Accidents resulted from alcohol intoxication are more possibly to happen at night; in fact, five time more than the day statistics.
  • Around 75 percent of the cases of DUI offense are related to first time offenders.
  • • In more than 33 percent of the traffic accidents, it has been found that at least 1 person with BAC level more than 0.08 percent.
  • Alaska, Texas, North Dakota, Arizona, and Massachusetts are the states with highest rates for crashes resulted from alcohol intoxication. On the other hand, Utah, New York, Arkansas, and Wyoming are the states with least number of alcohol related road accidents.



DUI Penalties and Fines

The penalties and fines associated with DUI offense vary from state to state or country to country.

Some countries follow somewhat liberal approach towards the DUI offenders, while in some countries very strict actions are taken. In the United States, almost every state follows more or less the same rules. For instance, let us talk about the penalties and fines associated with California DUI laws. In the state of California, there are 4 different level of DUI offense, and each level has its own set of law.

  1. First DUI Offense: It is for the first time offenders; the penalties include up to 5 years of probation period and 6 months of license suspension. Fine associated with this offense usually go up to $1800.
  2.  Second DUI Offense: License suspension period can go up to 2 years; and fines are charged up to $2800.
  3. Third DUI Offense: Formal probation up to 5 years and up to 10 years of license suspension period. Fines remain the same.
  4. Fourth DUI Offense: It is usually considered as a felony DUI. Fines and penalties depends upon the graveness of the crime.


High DUI Offense Cost

Quite certainly, even the first DUI offence can cost you dearly. Apart from court fees, attorney fees, and other legal expenses, which usually shoot up to $25,000, there can be many other expenses that might come your way.


DUI Consequences

The consequences related to driving under the influence can be very grave. You will not only have to shell out huge money, but will also have to lose your license up to a certain period, loss of job, embarrassment, etc.


DUI Felony

If someone already had three DUI convictions and is caught for the fourth time for a DUI, in that case his/her offence becomes a felony. However, if someone is killed or severely injured by the intoxicated driver, he or she will be charged with a DUI felony, which has grave consequences.