Does insurance cover Drunk Driving accidents?

Most of the people love to party hard and some even prefer getting drunk till they puke. But, that is not the issue we are focusing in. After getting drunk to the extent when it becomes impossible to drive a vehicle safely, a lot of people make the biggest mistakes of their life. Yes, we are thinking towards Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and drugs. Death caused by DUI is one of the major concerns for the government of every state in the US. For this reason, insurance policies related to driving under the influence came into the existence. In the present time, most of the auto insurance companies offer insurance coverage on damages or casualties caused by drunk driving road crash. So, it would be better if you have some good idea about the different aspects of DUIs accidents insurance policies.

Common DUI Accidents Insurance Policies

When it comes to DUIs insurance policies for accidents or causalities, a lot of people ask whether insurance companies offer policies to the offenders of driving under the influence. Well, almost every insurance provider sells such policies. The only difference between normal policies and DWI (driving while intoxicated) accident insurance policies is that the latter come with higher rate of premium. It means that you would have to shell out more money in order to purchase an insurance policy for DWIs accidents.
The insurance coverage in these cases usually depends upon the individual companies. Some insurance company charge hefty premiums from its customer if he/she gets involved in DUIs offense. In some states, offenders of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have to apply for SR 22 insurance policy. In this kind of insurance policy, the offender has to fill the SR 22 form which is provided by the insurance company. The offender must fill up the form and get is passed by the DMV (department of motor vehicle) of the state. After getting clearance from the DMV, the offender can buy an insurance policy.


Do you get paid for your Body or Other Damages?

Yes, most of the insurance companies cover the entire cost associated with auto repair bills, treatment of bodily injuries, damages to the other party, settlement of personal injuries, etc. You can certainly expect them to cover the expenses incurred through hospital or medical bills. But, make sure that your insurance policy offers BI or Bodily Injury Coverage.


Does Insurance Policy Cover liability Damages Too?

Again, the answer is yes. Your provider of DUI Car insurance policy will also cover liability damages resulted from the accident. But, it is necessary check whether your vehicle is insured by the driving under the influence car insurance policy. However, some insurance providers simply cancel the whole policy if the customer is found to be driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance.
So, those were some of the basic things you need to keep in mind about driving under the influence insurance policy. It is always better to avoid drunk driving.