Delaware DUI Laws, Fight A Delaware DUI

The state of Delaware in the United States of America has very strict DUI (Driving under Influence) rules. People convicted of DUI have to pay penalties and even serve years of imprisonment since DUI in Delaware is considered a criminal offense. Driving under Influence implies driving after drinking alcohol or doing drugs. If caught driving in this state, the person undergoes legal proceedings in court and serve punishment as per the decision of the court.

Delaware DUI case

The Delaware DUI cases and their level of punishments depend upon the number of times a person has committed that offense. The more the number of times the offense is committed, the stricter is the punishment and the more is the fine to be paid.

Criminal Court Punishment

Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs being a serious offense in Delaware is considered a criminal act or felony.

  • For the first DUI offense, two charges are faced by the offender, the first being a criminal charge which is dealt with in the court of criminal law.
  • If offences are committed again by the same offender later on, the matter is taken up by the criminal court and the punishment given is generally a term in prison and a sum to be paid as penalty.

Driver’s License suspension

  • If a person is found guilty of DUI first offense, his driver’s license is confiscated and a temporary slip is given to him which allows him to drive for the next 15 days.
  • If people under the age of 21 years are convicted of DUI, their licenses are also taken away and not given back until they attain the legal age of drinking.
  • If DUI is repeated several times, the driver’s license can be permanently confiscated; making the drunk driving laws strict was the ideal thing to do.

Implied Consent Laws

The implied consent law means that if a driver is arrested for DUI:

  • He has to undergo a blood test, breath test or urine test compulsorily. He cannot refuse to take these tests.
  • If he does, the officer in charge has the complete legal right to take necessary action against such a person and force him to cooperate and take these tests.
  • His license will also be taken away for refusing to take these tests.

The question of how to beat a DUI crops up in every DUI offender’s mind.

“The answer to this question is to appoint an able defense lawyer.”

DMV Hearing

DMV hearing refers to the Department of Motor Vehicle hearing. Along with the criminal court proceedings, a DUI offender also has to hear the DMV hearing and obey it.

  • The DUI laws in Delaware are never overlooked. They are strictly followed and people neglecting these laws end up in serious legal trouble.
  • The DUI charges in Delaware are severe. If caught and proven guilty, the person has to pay a huge amount of penalty and even serve imprisonment.
  • For DUI defense, the offender is allowed to appoint a defense lawyer to fight his case. If the certain criteria’s for arrest are not sufficient enough to prove the person guilty of DUI, the court might dismiss or reduce the sentence. This is called DUI Illegal stop.
  • Like Delaware DUI laws, the Tampa DUI laws are equally strict and are not relaxed for anyone.
  • In order to avoid such legal problems and complications, everyone should obey the laws and make sure that they do not drive in a drunken state or under the influence of drugs.
  • This not only puts the driver’s life in danger but also threats the lives of every other vehicle or person on the road. Hence people should be careful and cautious and avoid driving while drunk.