Collingdale Cop Charged With Dui after Crash And Suspended From Her Job

dui arrestArrested for crash and charged with DUI, a police officer in Collingdale was recently suspended from her job. Meghan Kelly Hurrelbrinck is a part-time police officer employed with the Collingdale Police Department. Aged 30, this officer was involved in a crash that occurred Monday early morning.

In response to this crash, she was arrested, said Chief Robert Adams. According to Adams, whether her suspension is permanent or temporary will be determined by the result of the on-going investigation into the crash.

During the early hours of Monday, around 2.17 a.m., the maroon vehicle driven by Hurrelbrinck smashed into a tree in a South Avenue home lawn. The vehicle leaving the accident scene was spotted by a police officer from Glenolden according to the probable cause affidavit.

The affidavit adds that the vehicle with damage in the front and flat rear tire was driven by the driver into the parking lot of the MacDade Mall. After parking the car, Hurrelbrinck jumped out of the driver’s seat even as the officer approached the car. The door on the passenger-side was stuck due to the damage to the front door and the male passenger had to crawl out through the door on the driver’s side, according to authorities.

Hurrelbrinck was noticed by the officer who spoke with her to have blood-shot, glassy eyes and this fact was recorded in the affidavit. When questioned as to whether she had been drinking, the Collingdale cop answered defensively saying that they already knew she had and in any case were going to do what they want. She also said that she was getting to a safe place after hydroplaning and hitting a tree.

Hurrelbrinck did not obviously cooperate with the investigating officers by whom she was charged for DUI. She refused the blood alcohol test and field sobriety tests, says the affidavit. The police interviewed the resident on whose property the accident occurred.

According to the investigating officers, the reason for the crash was obviously speedy driving on the wet roadway. After leaving the MacDade Mall parking lot, Hurrelbrinck struck the tree on the lawn of the victim after driving over the curb.

The part-time cop was released on $10,000 unsecured bail after being arrested for drunken driving among other offenses and produced before Philip Turner, the Magisterial District Judge.

She faces a preliminary hearing in the Glenolden District Court presided over by Peter Tozer, the Magisterial District Judge.

It is obvious that Hurrelbrinck could have handled the situation better. Not cooperating with the officer in the first place places her in a tricky situation. The best course of action would be to take the help of the best lawyer specializing in DUI to minimize impact. Expert lawyers would be able to get her off the hook with minimum damage to her career. Though we do not know yet whether her suspension would be permanent or temporary, the best course of action for Hurrelbrinck charged with DUI is to find an expert attorney to handle the case.