Illinois Dui Laws, Statute Of Limitation On Dui

Many people die in Illinois each year due to drinking and driving. To reduce this, the state has taken efforts to prevent individuals from drinking and driving by following strict rules and penalties. Illinois drunk driving laws are severe and the court may impose penalties, which include fines, imprisonment and suspension of driver's license. DUI Provisions According to DUI laws in Illinois, if you are suspected of DUI, you must accept the chemical test to find your blood alcohol level. This test may include blood test, breathe and urine test. You will get penalty, if you do not accept the … [Read more...]

Illinois DUI, Drunk Driving Deaths In Illinois On The Rise

Reckless Driving Driving recklessly is not only a criminal offence but something that has the potential to ruin lives, both of the people committing the crime and the victim. You may not care for your own life; however no one has given you the right to take someone else’s life. It is never a good idea to risk lives while doing something one is passionate about. “In Illinois” the reckless driving incidents are a perpetual problem that threatens the people. DUI in Illinois is defined very strictly and the police in Illinois are also very upbeat about this kind of criminal offence. In … [Read more...]