Tampa Police Said A Blue Dodge Van Hit Tampa Woman From Behind She Dies

A blue dodge van whisked life out of Michelle Renee Wells and its driver was charged with DUI manslaughter. This 36 year old woman from Tampa was not too fond of cars and until recently, always took the bus wherever she went, though she was on the lookout for her own transportation. She finally decided upon a scooter and purchased a black, green and white one in February. Michelle has always been a careful deriver and never missed wearing the reflective vest and helmet, according to her family members. Even though she took these precautions as always, that fateful Friday night, when she was … [Read more...]

Collingdale Cop Charged With Dui after Crash And Suspended From Her Job

Arrested for crash and charged with DUI, a police officer in Collingdale was recently suspended from her job. Meghan Kelly Hurrelbrinck is a part-time police officer employed with the Collingdale Police Department. Aged 30, this officer was involved in a crash that occurred Monday early morning. In response to this crash, she was arrested, said Chief Robert Adams. According to Adams, whether her suspension is permanent or temporary will be determined by the result of the on-going investigation into the crash. During the early hours of Monday, around 2.17 a.m., the maroon vehicle driven … [Read more...]

DUI Arrest will hurt Athens woman’s chances of joining the police department

In Athens, a woman was arrested on charges of DUI and she hopes that this incident will not mar her chances of getting into the police department. According to the police, 11.45 PM, this 22 year old woman was stopped by an officer on Lexington Road because one of the car headlights was not working. . Police said that though there was a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the car and a slurred voice, the woman insisted that she just had one beer about an hour and a half earlier. The arrest report says that the woman insisted the odor in the car was from the previously spilt … [Read more...]

Fife Police Say : a man has crashed his car with his infant and his 3-year-old child

Under influence, a 27 year old man in Fife crashed his car into a telephone pole. He had with him his three year old child and an infant when the accident occurred, according to the police. Michael Brecheen was under influence when his vehicle lost control and went off the road in a no-passing zone to crash into the pole says Tim Floyd, Fife Police Cmdr. It was 3:41 PM when officials rushed to the crash site at Freeman Road East, 3100 block. After the vehicle crashed, the father apparently took the two children left them with their mother living nearby before returning to the vehicle, said … [Read more...]

Cases Slipped After Lawless Dui Checkpoint : What Experts Say

Sobriety checkpoints also known as DUI checkpoints are launched by law enforcement officers to check whether the drivers on road show any signs of intoxication and impairment. The checkpoints are usually set up at late night or in the early morning and during weekends. Some states in the Unites States are authorized to conduct such checkpoints, while it is illegal under some state laws. The thought behind a DUI checkpoint is that it permits the law enforcement officers to pick cars randomly and confirm whether the drivers are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. However, DUI … [Read more...]