Riverside Dui, Drunk Driving Defense

Arrested for DUI or drunk driving in Riverside? Hiring an experienced DUI Lawyer Riverside, CA can help you get charges reduced or dismissed. Riverside Criminal defense attorneys who are familiar with DUI laws and the court system can lend a hand to avoid jail time and they also help to save your California driving license. Before hiring a DUI lawyer, it is worth to understand some important things. Defending DUI Cases in Riverside Fighting a DUI case is more beneficial than simply pleading guilty. There are hundreds of interfering substances, equipment malfunctions and health conditions … [Read more...]

San Diego Dui, Dui Checkpoints

If you are living in San Diego and have the habit of occasional or regular drinking, you need to understand DUI (Driving under the Influence) laws. DUI California laws are very rigid. If you are accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be charged on both DUI laws and California “per se” laws. In addition to criminal charges, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), California will impose a sanction against your driver’s license. In order to protect yourself from the claws of laws, you need to know about DUI Checkpoints, San Diego. During weekends and festival … [Read more...]

Dui Checkpoints California, Dui Investigation

DUI (Driving under the Influence) is an offence in most of the states in United States, including California. DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) enhances traffic safety by testing and monitoring drivers continuously. Getting DMV DUI information is important to protect yourself against law enforcements. DUI investigation comprises of three parts- checking vehicle in motion for swerving and wide turns, personal contact (the officer checks whether the driver shows signs of drunkenness) and prearrest screening. Sobriety checkpoints California Sobriety checkpoints in California involve officials … [Read more...]

California DMV DUI, DMV Registration Suspension Hearing

In the state of California, the DUI (Driving under the Influence) laws are very strict. The DUI investigation begins, if you violate the traffic rule, hit something or involved in an accident. The officers checks whether there is an odor of alcoholic beverage in your breath and there are any signs of intoxication. If you are found driving under the influence, the officer takes your driver license into his possession and sends a report to the Motor Vehicles Department of California (DMV). The DMV conducts a review and sends a DMV suspension or revocation order. You have the right to request a … [Read more...]

DUI Statistics California, Statistics By State

In United States, have one drink for driving was once a phrase commonly used by many. However, the dangers associated with drive under the influence (dui) have been recognized now. Drunk driving not only causes problems in the health of the individual, but it is a public health concern. It puts the driver, passengers and other people sharing the road at risk. In the State of California, the DUI laws are similar to the laws of many other states in the United States. If you are stopped at suspicion of drug on road, you will need to take breath, urine or blood test. If the blood alcohol … [Read more...]