what is the average cost for a dui conviction?

Have you ever been charged with DUI? If yes, you might definitely know that the charges attached with DUI conviction are really high. Fines, reinstatement fees and costs have to be borne if you are convicted. In addition to these charges, you may also have to bear mandatory drug costs, probation fees, counselling, alcohol assessment as well as monitoring costs such as alcohol monitoring and ignition device. Furthermore, besides these direct costs, there are many high insurance rates of automobiles that you have to pay. According to some sources, it was found that the average cost of some … [Read more...]

Does insurance cover Drunk Driving accidents?

Most of the people love to party hard and some even prefer getting drunk till they puke. But, that is not the issue we are focusing in. After getting drunk to the extent when it becomes impossible to drive a vehicle safely, a lot of people make the biggest mistakes of their life. Yes, we are thinking towards Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and drugs. Death caused by DUI is one of the major concerns for the government of every state in the US. For this reason, insurance policies related to driving under the influence came into the existence. In the present time, most of the auto … [Read more...]

What is BAC – BAC Stands For ?

Everyone knows how important it is to drive safely; not just for the sake of our lives, but also for the commuters on the road. Still, each and every year thousands of road accidents happen due to alcohol related crashes. Many innocent people lose their lives due to the carelessness and immature acts of other people on the road. Fortunately, BAC test has helped officers to keep the drunken drivers off the road. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content, which means the amount of alcohol present in the human blood. Through this article, you will get to know more about BAC and its various aspects. … [Read more...]

Is an attorney truly needed on arrest for DUI?

Yes, of course if you really want yourself to get out of the DUI case quickly and safely then its necessary to hire an attorney. He will legally help you to get rid of the charges. The law has become more complicated because the court has merged the civil sanctions with the criminal sanctions. You are not aware of changes in your rights and requirements of the police. If you will be having an experienced DUI attorney he will keep informing you time to time. And also be able of taking you out of the case sooner. As an attorney is very well aware of all rules and regulations and of course … [Read more...]

Can DUI be expunged?

Yes DUI can be expunged. A relief which a person gets after facing DUI charges is called DUI or driving under the influence expungement. The conviction record of a person is cleared, sealed or destroyed after getting DUI expungement. DUI expungement vary from state to state and depends basically on the laws in person’s jurisdiction. A person wishing for DUI expungement has to consult a lawyer or attorney in his jurisdiction. A lawyer will help him by providing information on DUI expungement as well as how the completion of this process is going to help him. A person will have a clean record … [Read more...]