3rd DUI insurance

DUI or Driving Under Influence is a case where a person is apprehended for driving a motor vehicle in a state of being intoxicated by substances like drugs or alcohol. You may think that you can evade the charges easily, but you are wrong. You may be able to do that for the first time but in the consequent convictions things will not be that very easy. [sws_divider_small_padding]   How insurance can help There is no doubt that you will have to pay heavy fines in addition to the jail term and suspension of license and other penalties you will have to face. 3rd dui charges can … [Read more...]

3rd DUI consequences

Driving under Influence of intoxicating substance can be dangerous to you and others and this is the main reason why the law enforcers are getting stricter with such cases as each day passes. When you get caught for the first time, they will be soft on you, but you will repent for the subsequent conviction as they will be tough on you. Third dui consequences are numerous.The immediate consequence that occurs after 3rd DUI arrest is that your license will be revoked. It will remain so until the trial is over. If you win the trial suspension on license will be lifted immediately. Otherwise … [Read more...]

Penalties for DUI 3

Getting arrested for 3rd DUI is one of the most unfortunate in life. The offense may seem to be not very serious but the aftermath of the conviction resulting from the harsh penalties you have to face is sure to plunge your life into jeopardy.  It may affect the rest of your life since in certain cases, third dui offense comes under the category of class four felonies and you will be registered as a criminal and have a criminal record for the rest of your life which can hinder your career and education. [sws_divider_padding] 3rd DUI penalties will consist of fines, jail term, and … [Read more...]

Third DUI arrest

DUI is one of the worst things for which you can get convicted. It is a minor mistake from the offender’s part, but the law enforcers take it very seriously on account on the damage that the public may have to encounter from the person driving a motor vehicle in an intoxicated state. So I do not have to tell you what you have to overcome to get going on with your life. Third DUI Arrest Conditions You can undergo 3rd DUI Arrest only if your Blood Alcohol Content is above the limit which the law sets. Usually the limit is 0.8%. Sometimes a person can be arrested for 3 dui if the law … [Read more...]

3rd DUI Law

Getting through a DUI conviction is not at all easy. The law is always easy on first time offenders, but if you are caught after that you have no chance of facing a soft jury and the penalties you have to face will increase many folds after each conviction. 3rd DUI arrest will surely land you in the worst. This will indirectly tell the law enforcers that you have not changes after the previous convictions. They will be happy to impose too many penalties on you. When convicted for a third time, the penalties that you have to face will depend mainly on 3rd DUI Law of the state from which you … [Read more...]