Second DUI defense

Getting caught for DUI is one of the most unfortunate things. It is a simple mistake from which can open your eye and this will make you not to commit it again. But you cannot escape by just realising your mistake. You will have to face penalties according to second DUI Law of the state once you undergo second DUI Conviction. It is never an easy task to get out of the charges. You need to adopt a few strategies and develop a good Second DUI Defense. This is going to be quite different from First DUI Defence because of the seriousness of the case and also because the laws involved are more … [Read more...]

Second DUI Insurance

Getting arrested for Second DUI Offense is not at all a good thing as it will possibly ruin your life by blotching your background and your records. In most cases it is very difficult to evade the charges and you will have to pay fines which may be high for you. So it is best that you get a Second DUI Insurance as soon as you get over with the penalties of the first conviction. You need to keep in mind that the coverage of First DUI Insurance will be over when you get arrested for the first time. So getting insurance is a must so that you can free yourself from financial burden next time … [Read more...]

Second DUI conviction

DUI seems to be a very simple offense, but that is not the way in which the law enforcers see it. This is due to the fact that driving Under Influence can put your life in danger and that of others too. You have to try your very best not to undergo an arrest for DUI because unlike other crimes there are too many penalties which you will have to face including fines, jail term, DUI School and court probation. These penalties will consume a lot of money and your financial reserves and may put the rest of your life in jeopardy.  DUI Conviction Rate is going up and down. There is no … [Read more...]

2nd DUI arrest and Felony

If you encounter Second DUI arrest, you are in for the worst. Keep in mind that you will go up in the list of feds once you are caught for the second time since it is considered to be an act of felony. The court will never be light on you even there are not enough evidences because the number of DUI Felony cases is on a rampant rise. Thus you have to avoid being arrested for a second DUI.  In case you get caught the following tips will help you. Jail term for second DUI Second DUI Jail term is sure to be longer than the first and it is very hard to evade this penalty. The jail term will vary … [Read more...]

2nd DUI penalties

DUI is an offense which the law enforcers are tired of dealing with. So they will not be nice on you when you are arrested for second DUI Offense. You have to try your very best not to get into trouble. The proceedings can affect you both mentally and financially as you will have to pay fines, pay your attorney and also for getting back your license. The 2nd DUI Penalty will be similar to First DUI Penalties but will be harsher and can be beyond what you can bear. Second DUI charges, more the first DUI? 2nd DUI charges which will be imposed on you will depend on a number of factors. It … [Read more...]