Can DUI be expunged?

Yes DUI can be expunged. A relief which a person gets after facing DUI charges is called DUI or driving under the influence expungement. The conviction record of a person is cleared, sealed or destroyed after getting DUI expungement.

DUI expungement vary from state to state and depends basically on the laws in person’s jurisdiction. A person wishing for DUI expungement has to consult a lawyer or attorney in his jurisdiction. A lawyer will help him by providing information on DUI expungement as well as how the completion of this process is going to help him. A person will have a clean record free of any charges or non-guilty judgement.

He will be completely relieved from penalties or restriction he faced during the DUI conviction. One of the main benefit of the DUI expungement that a person who got the expungement can deny the DUI conviction on a job application. Expungement is basically a certificate of rehabilitation or pardon to a person facing DUI conviction.DUI expungement gives a great relief and peace to the mind of a expunged person.