California Dui Consequences

DUI is considered to be a substantial offence according to the law in California and the violation of the law will subject the person to various consequences.

It is important to note that the crossing of the limit of the prescribed BAC level will subject the person to various Consequences in form of the charges.

California DUI limit

In all the cases driving under the influence is not considered to be bad. There is a prescribed limit of the Blood Alcohol Content (hereinafter called as the “BAC”) which needs to be crossed. General principle or limit for all the drivers is 0.08% .Hence, if a driver drives with a BAC of 0.08% or above, then he will be liable to be prosecuted.

When a person is in probation he will be liable to consequences of dui in California even if his or her DUI is 0.01%. Even in case of a minor, whose age is less than 21 years, a BAC limit is 0.01% or anything above that. In case of a minor, whose age is under 18 years, there is a zero tolerance level. Zero tolerance level basically means that the even if a person has a BAC of 0.00% or above he may be charged for DUI. There is a separate level for the commercial drivers, which is 0.04%.

DUI charges in California

Drunk driving has consequences which may be in the form of charges. The person violating may be subject to both fine and even the imprisonment. The fines or penalties may vary between $300 and $5,000. On the other hand the jail sentence or the period of Community service may vary between two days to two years. Depending upon the facts of the case a person may also be subject to treatment program which may include classes and interaction with different group of people. This DUI treatment Program may last for three, six, nine, eighteen, or thirty months.

Cost of DUI in California

The Consequences of DUI may be costly. The estimated cost for a DUI may be more than $6,600 and the actual cost are likely to vary. For the first DUI case or the first charge the fines and the penalties may be about $1,000, the tow and impound fee will be about $215. The DUI treatment program may be made compulsory by the court and will cost $626. The estimated court cost will be around $800 and the insurance increase may vary between $500 and $1500 depending on the case. The average attorney fee is usually $2500 or above. Hence, the total appropriate cost will be around $6,641

DUI probation California

Usually a DUI is considered to be a misdemeanor, but if a person causes bodily injury or death it may be treated as a felony under California DUI Penalties. The penalties may be in the form of license suspension, fines or even a jail time. Probation may be issued to a person charged.

A summary probation is when the offender need not report to the court or the probation officer. The term for this kind of probation will usually be for about 3 to 5 years. During this period the person shall not commit any criminal offence and is prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol in his system. A report may also be submitted to asses whether there is a need of any treatment or education need for the person and the person shall also regularly submit the proof of attendance.

After the person is convicted SR-22 (also called as the “Certificate of Financial Responsibility”) shall be filed with the DMV. Through the SR 22 the insurance details of the person will be seen and maybe the proof ought to be produced in the court within the specific time given. The term of SR – 22 will be that of the probation.

One of the most immediate consequences of the DUI is the suspension of the driver’s license. This suspension may be between 4 to 5 months and a person after making an application in some cases might also get a restricted license. But this will not apply if a person is on probation. This period is different in different areas, for example when a person is charged for a Sacramento dui case the license will be usually suspended for six months.