Arizona Dui, Stop AZ Dui

There are no two ways about it. If you drink, you must not drive. If you are above 21 years of age and live in Arizona, you are allowed to drink a permissible amount of alcohol and drive. It is not illegal. It is however better not to take chances as you may not be clear on what the permissible amount is to beat dui charge Arizona.
If you get pulled over for DUI in AZ by a law enforcement officer, there are a few aspects to keep in mind as you deal with the situation.

Convicted of a DUI

Some of the most common ways in which you will be stopped for a DUI in Arizona include –

  • Being stopped by an officer for weaving, speeding or other traffic infractions such as failure to yield
  • Officer stopping you in response to an accident where he may or may not have witnessed you driving

The DUI AZ officer will first observe alcohol ingestion signs such as watery, bloodshot eyes and alcohol odor before making the DUI police report. Any further investigation will be based on this report.
If the officer suspects alcohol ingestion, he or she will ask you get out of the car, notice how you get you, the manner in which you take out and give them your driver’s license, insurance and registration and the way in which you speak to them. They will then perform field sobriety tests to confirm their suspicion.

Legal Issues Dui in Arizona

If you are arrested for DUI in Arizona, you are entitled to Arizona DUI defense. It is in your interest to contact the best attorney specializing in DUI and who has years of experience in this area. There are many advantages of choosing the best extreme DUI Arizona attorneys –

  • Reputed attorney firms in Arizona will know exactly how to get past various legal issues DUI in the state and get their clients out unscathed.
  • The best lawyers will also be highly proficient with Arizona DUI laws and will give you the right advice.


DUI Tests

If you are arrested for DUI in Arizona, the concentration of alcohol in your system will be determined through blood tests. It is recommended not to resist this test as the officer-in-charge has the power to get a search warrant from the judge and forcibly make you give your blood. Moreover, any resistance from your side will also result in suspension of license for 12 months.
If the blood shows a concentration of alcohol more than .08, a written notice will be sent to you by the Arizona MVD notifying you of your license suspension for 90 days. The last 60 days of the period, you can drive to and from school, work or counselling.

Drinking Age in AZ

Drinking age in AZ was lowered in 1972 through an amendment to 19 from 21. In 1985, it was again raised to 21 and this remains in place till today.

Ways to Fix the DUI

If you have been pulled up for DUI in Arizona, there are many ways to fix the issue.

  • After the breath test is completed, the officer will ask you whether you require the test sample to be preserved. Never opt for waiving and tell them to preserve it if given a choice.
  • The moment you are released, visit a nearby clinic or hospital and have your own test done as if there is any discrepancy with the reading, this evidence can be used in the court.
  • Hire the best Phoenix DUI attorney to handle your case.

Avoid driving when you drink and keep away from trouble. If you do get caught for DUI, follow the above steps.