Arizona Dui Penalties, Dui Sentencing and Fines

It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. It is always safer to drive when you are not drunk. DUI penalties in Arizona are severe and you may end up in jail for drunk driving before you know it.

If you live in Arizona, it is imperative to know all about the current DUI penalties, fines and sentencing rules here.

First Time DUI (Non-extreme)

If you are facing non-extreme DUI charges for the first time in Arizona –

  •  Jail Period: You will be sentenced to 10 days in jail with a possibility of work release and up to 9 days of suspension
  •  Fines & Other Costs: For this minimum jail period, you will incur fines, court assessments, surcharges and other costs to the tune of $1460 which includes a $250 fine with 85% surcharge.
  •  Prison Assessment Fee: First time non-extreme DUI offenders will also have to pay $500 as prison assessment fee.
  •  DPS Charges: DPS charges for non-extreme, first time DUI amounts to $500
  •  Probation Fee: A $20 probation fee is applicable for DUI Arizona first offense in the non-extreme category.
  •  Treatment Costs: For the first time DUI offender, court may order education, counselling and/or treatment. For treatment and education, you must attend a center that is approved by the state. Cost of treatment is approximately $625.


Second DUI (Non-extreme)

  •  Jail Period: Laws governing DUI arrests in Arizona states that those who are pulled up for the second time within 7 years of the first non-extreme DUI conviction face a minimum of 90 days in jail and a possibility of 60 days suspension if you complete alcohol treatment and screening successfully and complete community restitution for 30 hours.
  •  Fines & Other Costs: You will have to pay a fine of $250 with an 84% surcharge apart from additional assessed fee of $2750.
  •  Prison Assessment Fee: Prison assessment fee will amount to $1250
  •  DPS Charges: Second time non-extreme DUI offenders will have to pay $1000 towards DPS charges
  •  Probation Fee: Probation fee amounts to $20
  •  Treatment Costs: State-approved treatment and counselling centers charge approximately $625 for second time non-extreme DUI offenders.


1st Extreme Dui

  •  Jail Period: If you are a first extreme DUI offender in Arizona, you will have to serve a minimum of 10 days in jail.
  •  Fines & Other Costs: Apart from the $250 fine plus 84% surcharge, you will also have to pay $250 towards abatement fee.
  •  Prison Assessment Fee: First time extreme DUI penalties in AZ involve paying a prison assessment fee amounting to $1000
  •  DPS Charges: You will also have to pay $1000 towards DPS charges
  • Probation Fee
  •  Treatment Costs: You may have to attend DUI counselling or treatment at a State authorized treatment center. Costs involved amounts approximately to $625.


2nd Extreme DUI

  •  Jail Period: If you have been pulled up for second extreme DUI offense in Arizona, you face a minimum of 90 days jail term with a possibility of 60 days suspension
  •  Fines & Other Costs: Along with a fine of $250 plus 84% surcharge, you will also have to pay $250 as abatement fee.
  •  Prison Assessment Fee: $1250 prison assessment fee will be levied on second time extreme DUI offenders in Arizona.
  •  DPS Charges: You also have to pay $1250 towards DPS charges
  •  Probation Fee; A probation fee of $20
  •  Treatment Costs: Treatment costs will amount to nearly $625
  •  Jail Costs: Up to $9000 can add to your total second time extreme DUI expenditure in terms of jail costs

If the alcohol concentration in your blood is above 200, you come under the super extreme category. You have to pay super extreme DUI penalties, Arizona charges. You face a 45 day prison term and fines of up to $3700 towards jail costs. Upfront jail time can be reduced to 9 days with 36 days home detention for first time offenders. If you choose this option, you will have to pay a total fine of $4,379.