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Drinking and driving in Arizona is never a good idea. There are more chances for stopping by law enforcement officers and investigating you. Arizona DUI (Driving under the Influence) Law is severe on drunken drivers. DUI consequence may be suspension of driving license for one or two years, fine and imprisonment. With Arizona DUI arrests increasing year after year, it is important to understand what you should generally expect from a DUI test and what you should generally do. Getting the right DUI education in Arizona can help you avoid unwanted things from happening.

During an Arrest

License and Registration

In Arizona, DUI charges begin with the law enforcement officer stopping a driver out of suspicion. Some aspects may cause the officer to believe that you are under the influence. The officer may then require you to undergo field sobriety tests. If breath or blood test shows that the alcohol level is above the legal limit, you will be arrested. Loss of driving privileges is one of the most common penalties imposed by courts on those who are convicted of DUI in Arizona. If you commit the offense for the first time, it may cause you to lose driving privileges for up to three months. Repeat offenders may lose their driving license for years.
It is crucial to understand that a DUI arrest does not make you guilty automatically. You can fight against the charges and get them either dismissed or reduced. Hence, it is advisable to know Arizona DUI defense procedures.

Chemical Testing

Almost all DUI cases in Arizona involve a chemical test. Blood testing is more accurate than breath testing. In blood test, a sample of blood is taken to measure the alcohol content. While getting a driving license in Arizona, you give your indirect approval to take a chemical test for alcohol or drug content in blood, if alleged by an officer of driving under the influence. It is worth to understand some important aspects related with chemical testing.

  • If you refuse to take a test, you will lose your license for one year.
  •  Even if you refuse to take a test, the officer can obtain a search warrant to get chemical evidence from you.
  •  If you are convicted for the first time, it is better to take a chemical test. This is because the penalties for taking and failing a test are generally lesser than refusing the test.
  •  If you fail the test, you will lose your license for a maximum of 90 days.
  •  If the chemical test shows that your Blood Alcohol Concentration level is 0.150 or more, you may be convicted of severe DUI, which would lead to get a jail sentence.



If you have failed the chemical test, the minimum time in jail is one day in custody. If the Blood Alcohol concentration is more, the maximum time limit in jail is 10 days. If you are convicted of extreme DUI charge and if it is your second offense, the minimum time in jail will be 30 days in custody. The jail sentence may be accompanied by license suspension and/or fine. The court may even order to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

For DUI Rescue

Alcohol Consciousness

In order to escape DUI charges, you need to understand that you can pursue higher consciousness, if you take alcohol periodically in manageable quantities.
Traffic School Instructor Training
You can get the help of traffic school instructors to learn the principles of safe driving.

MADD Victim Impact Panel

You can take DUI MADD Victim Impact Panel program, which can help you get an awareness of the trauma, pain, financial loss and emotional pain experienced by family members and innocent victims resulting from a DUI related accident.