Aggravated Dui, Felony Dui Arizona

If you have the habit of driving when you have had a few drinks, it is in your interest to refrain from doing so. It is also a good idea knowing a few aspects about various types of DUI convictions such as extreme, non-extreme, impaired and aggravated DUI. If you are wondering what is aggravated DUI, read on to find out.
In Arizona, where the DUI laws are strict, aggravated DUI is a serious offence. These are felonies that cannot be erased from your record for a long time to come. Felony offenders face at least 4 months of prison sentence apart from a variety of fines and other related costs.
There are many reasons why you may be charged with aggravated DUI in Arizona –

  •  A person will be framed for aggravated DUI if he or she is caught for drunk driving when their license is currently cancelled, suspended or revoked.
  •  You will also be charged for aggravated DUI if this is your 3rd drunk driving conviction in the last 7 years.
  •  If you are supposed to have an ignition interlock device on your vehicle and are caught committing a DUI, you will be booked under aggravated DUI charges.

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

Road rage can be defined as a circumstance when a person is driving violently and aggressively. These unscrupulous drivers are at a risk of receiving the “aggressive driving” ticket if pulled over. Road rage incidents that occur commonly include –

  •  Deliberately cutting off other cars
  •  Using high beams to blind the driver in the vehicle coming in the opposite direction or using the horn excessively
  •  Using a weapon to threaten other drivers on the road
  •  Causing damage or accidents intentionally
  •  Using rude gestures and shouting at other drivers


A series of driving actions outside the parameter of law such as excessive and improper changing of lanes, speeding, improper passing such as passing over shoulder or using emergency lane, failing to follow safe movement and failing to signal intent are classified under aggressive driving. Some of the common signs of aggressive driving include –

  •  Speeding
  •  Jumping red lights
  •  Changing lanes frequently
  •  Drinking, eating, reading or talking on the phone while driving
  •  Gesturing to other drivers, yelling at them, cursing them and expressing frustration

Road rage and aggressive driving must be avoided at any cost to ensure you are never pulled up by the law. If you come across an aggressive driver on the road, the best course of action is to remain calm and let him go by.

Section 28-1382 (extreme dui) & 28-3319

As per Arizona law, if you are booked under section 28-1382 for extreme DUI, your driver’s license will immediately be revoked, cancelled or suspended.
You will face stringent action if you have been ordered by the court earlier under section 28-3319 to use a certified interlock ignition device and you commit the following actions –

  •  Refuse taking the test chosen by the law enforcement officer in keeping with section 28-1321, subsection A, while you are under arrest.
  •  If you commit Section 28-1382 for extreme DUI or section 28-1381 for DUI violation

If you are wondering – is a DUI a felony in Arizona, it certainly is if you face aggravated DUI charges. You will have to pay thousands of dollars as fees and fines if you are booked under this category.

Arizona Dui Surcharge

For a 1st aggravated DUI conviction, you will have to pay anywhere between $750 and $1, 50,000 depending on the seriousness of the issue along with an 80% surcharge which amounts to $1350.
Dui Abatement Fee
Booked under aggravated DUI in Arizona, you will be assessed to pay $250 as DUI abatement fee.
Arizona Xtra DUI Assessment
You will also have to pay $1500 towards prison assessment fund and another $1500 toward general operations fund.

Complete Alcohol Education Action

As an aggravated DUI offender, you will be asked to take a complete alcohol education action. You must visit a state authorized rehabilitation center for treatment, education and counselling and the costs incurred for this is approximately $625.