A man convicted DUI for the 12th time – SPOTSVYLVANIA, Va.

August, 2012. [SPOTSVYLVANIA, Va.]. Recently, a man from Spotsylvania was convicted in a DUI (driving under the influence) case for the 12th time in his life span. Previously, he was found to be on the wrong side of the law for 11 times. He was nabbed by the police officers after it was found that the BAC (blood alcohol content) is a lot more than the allowed limit.

If you thought that two or three DUI convictions would be enough for an offender to teach him/her few lessons, you would be shocked to know that recently a 44 year old man was convicted for DUI felony. His name is David Apraham and on Tuesday that is on 21st of August, 2012 he pleaded responsible in the Circuit Court of Spotsylvania County. He admitted his crime of violating the DUI laws for the 12th time when he was driving while intoxicated. In the past, in 2008 he was convicted for driving under the influence in Williamsburg. In 2012, he was found guilty for DUI in Colonial Heights. Nevertheless, he also faced 6 separate convictions during the 1990’s, in Mississippi. In addition, 3 separate convictions during 1994m in Alabama.

As one can expect, the driving license of Apraham was suspended during his last arrest in the month of November, 2011. During this time, Jason Morris, the Deputy of Spotsylvania noticed him walking in an awkward way around a BMW showroom before rolling down his truck on the road. Without making any delay, the Deputy pulled him out of his truck and took him under arrest. As a result of it, Apraham was disallowed from driving his truck in the commonwealth and also sent to complete his home-detention sentence. Quite obviously, he was charged with DUI offense. After the completion of his sentence he went away, and the officials had no idea of his whereabouts.

However, prison has always been the perfect location for convicts like Apraham. What else can be expected from a person like him,

who had 6 DUI convictions and 3 DUI convictions in Mississippi and Alabama respectively!

Such people are always responsible for the death of innocents; therefore it is always better to put them behind the bars. Any peace loving person would show his support to put Apraham in the prison forever.

Fortunately for reasons regarding the safety of public, David Apraham is off the street now. Quite certainly, it turned out to be possible only due to the alertness of Deputy Morris. People like Apraham really make us to think about the mandatory implementation of breathalyzer interlock in everyone’s’ car. It takes somewhere around $75 to install the device in the vehicle, which is quite less in comparison to the hefty penalties associated with driving under the influence conviction.

Possibly the opinion is that installation of the equipment for first time offenders will keep them from transforming into another David Aprahams. However, police officials should also give strict message to the first time offenders.