Law enforcers are getting stricter with those who are getting caught when drink driving. The laws especially those regarding fifth DUI offense in light of the statistics showing considerable involved of drunken drivers in most accidents. The punishment may be too high for you to bear so that it will hamper your life for the rest of the time on earth.

So it is necessary that you contact a 5 DUI lawyer when you are caught for the fifth time. Hiring a good lawyer does not assure a victory but the chances are high that you will be able to or at least end up with a nicer sentence.

5 Offence law

Laws about 5 DUI allows the apprehension of a person under two cases. One case is that the person is having trouble driving the vehicle properly even if BAC is below the legal limit. A person can be arrested under 5 DUI Law if BAC is above0.08%in spite of the fact that the person does not have any problems driving the motor vehicle. Once you are convicted, it will be recorded in your driving records forever. A person refusing to undergo medical examination will deemed to be guilty and can be sentenced without much evidence.

5th DUI fines

The fines are sure to be a huge amount which is nothing natural as this is one of the most severe crimes. Whichever state you are in, a minimum fine of $2500 is sure to be imposed on you which can even go above $10000. The fine will be decided after estimating your BAC. If you caused a vehicle crash, the fine will be exorbitantly high as the law enforcers will want to extract money for the damages caused. A good lawyer can appease the court and lower the amount you have to pay.5th DUI insurance will help to lift of the financial stress that arises from the need to pay fines.

5 DUI punishments

There is no end to the list of punishments that you can get once you are caught driving when drunk for the fifth time in 10 years.  Few punishments that you can get for this offense are:

  • Prison term of at least one year. It can o up to 5 years.
  • 5 DUI Punishments include suspension of license for at least 18 months and in some rare cases, license may be withdrawn completely.
  • A minimum fine of $2500.
  • Installation of Breath analyzer in vehicle to ensure you will not be able to drive unless you are sober.
  • You will be sent to rehab mandatorily and will have to be there unless you recover completely.

Fifth DUI defense

Getting a 5 DUI defense in court is never going to be easy. The only way is to get an attorney who specializes in the drunken driving cases. The experience of the attorney is vital since it this is one of the highest levels of drunken driving. Never refuse to get medically examined as it will get you stamped as an offender even if there is lack of other evidence. It is very tough you win if you are convicted for the fifth time. But an attorney will prove to be valuable in lessening the severity of the sentence or at least the fine.