3rd DUI Offense

Drink driving is one of the most serious breaking of law that you can perform. If you get intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, it will only affect you. But if you drive when intoxicated, you are posing a great threat to everyone around you and there is no surprise if you are caught by law enforcers. Getting caught for this offence for a third time within ten years not a crime whose legal proceedings can be easily evaded.

These days law enforces are highly strict in dealing with those convicted for 3rd DUI Felony. The cause for this is that 3rd DUI statistics show that more than 10,000 people are killed every year and the total percentage of 3rd DUI conviction is 5.1% at the current rate.

3rd DUI Offense law

A person is apprehended for 3rd DUI offense, when he or she is caught for driving under the influence of intoxication for the third time in 10 years. The law will be tough on you this time. The legal limit of percentage of alcohol in blood is 0.08%. Since you have been caught before, the law enforcers will love to trap you even if you are sober. They will have you in custody if they notice that you are unable to drive properly. It is sure that you will have to face various charges. Refusing to be examined medically for intoxication during sobriety test and also not appealing for administrative hearing will lead to additional charges being imposed on you.

3rd DUI consequences

You probably have dealt with previous DUI convictions and will be aware of the bigger things awaiting you. If you cannot prove that you are not liable, you will have pay fines of about $3500. Things do not end with this. According to the judgment issued by the court, the rest will follow. Suspension of driver’s license is sure to happen and you will be sent to DUI School. You will be held for interrogation and if you do not demand an administrative hearing within 10 days of the incident, you are likely to be charged more.
3rd DUI insurance can be helpful as you do not have to pay the fines or costs of the legal proceedings. The insurance company will provide financial assistance.

3rd DUI punishment

The type of punishment that you will receive for 3rd DUI offense will be the same as that for previous convictions or DUI Offenses. The only difference is that the fine will go up, as is the case with jail term and probation period. Following are the punishments that you may have to undergo:

  • Mandatory fine of $3500. The amount will be in excess if accidents were involved.
  • A person convicted for 3rd DUI offense has to spend a 120 days in prison. This is a mandatory punishment.
  • Court probation for a period of 5 years
  • Suspension of license for 3 years or more
  • Undergo an 18 months course at a prescribed DUI school.

Fine, prison and suspension of license are mandatory for a proven third DUI Offense. Whether you will be put on probation or not depends on the depth of the charges filed against you.

3rd DUI defense

Get a 3rd DUI lawyer to defend you in court. Such a lawyer will be knowledgeable in the field of third DUI offense and will know the laws and legal proceedings regarding it. It will not assure you complete evasion but can do a lot to lessen the severity of the punishments. A good lawyer with his skill may be able to prove that you were just inside a stationary vehicle when intoxicated and by making use of glitches in law; you may be able to get much lesser punishments or nothing at all.