3rd DUI Law

Getting through a DUI conviction is not at all easy. The law is always easy on first time offenders, but if you are caught after that you have no chance of facing a soft jury and the penalties you have to face will increase many folds after each conviction.
3rd DUI arrest will surely land you in the worst. This will indirectly tell the law enforcers that you have not changes after the previous convictions. They will be happy to impose too many penalties on you. When convicted for a third time, the penalties that you have to face will depend mainly on 3rd DUI Law of the state from which you were arrested.
Most DUI laws consider this as misdemeanour and will not be dealt very harshly. The problem arises when you are convicted for the third time within seven years of previous convictions. In such case, you will be charged with felony and the nature of the case is sire to change.

3rd DUI Penalties (Felony)

A 3rd DUI Offense which is treated a felony comes under the class four and is quite serious and the penalties will include:

  • Prison term of at least four months which can be extended as per the circumstances of the case.
  • A minimum fine as per dui 3 Legislation of the state will be imposed on the offender. The fine will be hiked if a number of laws were violated.
  • Suspension of license for at least three years.
  • In some cases, the vehicle may be seized by the court

The law will be light on you if you were convicted for misdemeanour and no criminal record of you will be maintained. If you are charged with felony, the police will have a criminal file on you opened. The penalties for DUI 3 which will have to face will be much harsh if you were convicted for anything other than DUI. So, it is best to keep out of a DUI conviction if you have any existing criminal records.
The trial will not be easy to get through and you need the assistance of someone who is experienced in DUI laws and that is a DUI lawyer.