3rd DUI insurance

DUI or Driving Under Influence is a case where a person is apprehended for driving a motor vehicle in a state of being intoxicated by substances like drugs or alcohol. You may think that you can evade the charges easily, but you are wrong. You may be able to do that for the first time but in the consequent convictions things will not be that very easy.



How insurance can help

There is no doubt that you will have to pay heavy fines in addition to the jail term and suspension of license and other penalties you will have to face. 3rd dui charges can weaken you financially because you will have to shell out a lot of money to pay the fines and also for paying your attorney and for various legal proceedings. At the time of conviction, you may not be in a state to pay all of them and this can land you in even more trouble. Hence it is really good that you get third dui insurance. This insurance will fuel you financially and will keep your financial reserves safe and sound.


DUI Insurance state by state

In some states, once you are convicted for DUI, you are required to get SR22 insurance only then will your license be reinstated. This is to ensure that the next time you get involved in a case you will have support to may for the damages. Before getting SR22 insurance it is good to do some survey in the insurance market to ensure that you get the best deal. Cheap insurances can be found on various websites but make sure to check out the credentials of the site. Certain sites even allow you to avail discounts and low premiums by submitting sr-22 code at the time of purchase.


Other 3rd dui consequences

In addition to the fines and jail term you will have to face other 3rd dui consequences such as DUI School for at least 18 months once found guilty for 3rd DUI offense. This is to develop moral values in you and prevent you from committing the felony again. Depending on the extremity of the case, the court can even order to put you on probation for at least three years.The first DUI convictions may not be very harsh, but never ever get involved in a third one. It is sure to make your life filled with catastrophe and will imbalance your budget far beyond the point of recovery.