3rd DUI consequences

Driving under Influence of intoxicating substance can be dangerous to you and others and this is the main reason why the law enforcers are getting stricter with such cases as each day passes. When you get caught for the first time, they will be soft on you, but you will repent for the subsequent conviction as they will be tough on you. Third dui consequences are numerous.The immediate consequence that occurs after 3rd DUI arrest is that your license will be revoked. It will remain so until the trial is over.

If you win the trial suspension on license will be lifted immediately. Otherwise the license will remain suspended for the time period the court has sentenced you with. This is one of the most serious consequences. Because of this you may not be able to reach workplace on time and this can get you fired. You will be lucky if you were convicted in a state that provides partial license to DUI convicts for driving to workplace. License suspension in most states is about three years.


3rd DUI Charges

Another consequence is that you will face a financial set back. This is because the fines and other amount you have to pay for legal proceedings will amount to a lot and you may not be in a state to pay that much. If you cannot may the fines imposed on you, you will have to another term in prison in addition to the one that have been bestowed on you for drunk driving. You will not have to face this crisis if you have 3rd dui insurance. So it is best that you do not drive a vehicle once you have alcoholic drinks even if you feel sober.


3rd DUI arrest

You will also have to spend some time in jail and the term will be determined by dui 3 law. Almost all the states impose mandatory jail term for drunken driving cases. You will be facing the worst consequences if anyone was hurt or even killed in the incident. You will have to face numerous charges for this.

Third DUI falls under fourth class felonies in almost all states and is sure to blemish your background and career for the rest of your life. It will be difficult to get a new job or admission in educational institutions. The court may also put you on probation, send you to DUI School and install ignition interlock on your vehicle.