2nd DUI penalties

DUI is an offense which the law enforcers are tired of dealing with. So they will not be nice on you when you are arrested for second DUI Offense. You have to try your very best not to get into trouble. The proceedings can affect you both mentally and financially as you will have to pay fines, pay your attorney and also for getting back your license. The 2nd DUI Penalty will be similar to First DUI Penalties but will be harsher and can be beyond what you can bear.

Second DUI charges, more the first DUI?

2nd DUI charges which will be imposed on you will depend on a number of factors. It includes the law of the state where you were convicted, the circumstances and the report of the incident according to the report of police. The charges can include the following:

  • A mandatory fine of about $2800. The fine can vary with state.
  • Additional fine for covering up damages that has been incurred
  • At least 90 hours in prison.
  • 18 months of DUI School

It is not very easy to shake off all these charges but it is possible to remove at least one second DUI Penalty with the aid of an attorney who has a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with DUI charges.

Ignition Interlock Penalty

Penalty for 2nd Dui includes ignition interlock penalty. This is imposed in order to prevent the offender from getting involved in another Driving under Influence offense. When you undergo a second DUI arrest most states will impose this penalty on you. Ignition interlock is a small machine which can be fitted on vehicles. By this penalty you are required to:

  • Install Ignition interlock on your vehicle.
  • Blow into the device before starting the vehicle

The engine will start only after your breath is tested and if the alcoholic level is within the legal limit as per the calculations of the device. Otherwise your car will not start. This is to ensure that you will not be able to start the vehicle in an intoxicated state and thus preventing another arrest. Once the device is installed you will have to take your vehicle for periodic checks so that the authorities can confirm that you have not tampered with the device. The device also records the levels which can be used for checking your activity by the law enforcers.