2nd DUI Offense

You are neck deep in trouble if you undergo 2nd DUI conviction. This time the laws will not be much nicer and you will have a hard time pulling your head out of the issue. The court is sure to take strict action against you unless you can prove your innocence somehow whether you were innocent or not. You will have a hard time if you are not aware of the laws.

2nd DUI Offense legislation

Legislations concerning second DUI offense are quite different from first time conviction. These legislations vary with state. Almost all states have adopted DUI act 24 which under which a person can be charged with 2nd DUI offense if the person’s blood constituted .08% alcohol at the time of apprehension. In the past the limit was 0.1%. Public Act 96-1011 is a legislation related to felony of the same nature for the second time. Under this act, the offender’s license has to be suspended for a period of at least 12 months.

Second DUI Offense charges

Without any doubt, the severity of the charges will be of serious nature when you are arrested for 2nd DUI Offense than the first as it sends a signal to the law enforcers that you have not learned from your mistake. The charges will depend on the nature of the offense. The charges imposed on you will be far less if you did not cause an accident or if you were inside the vehicle which was parked.

The charges can range from drunken driving to attempt of murder in extreme cases. The fine in this case will be about $2500. The offender can be sent to prison for a short period or put on probation. It is best to hire a 2nd DUI lawyer when you are charged with Second DUI Offense. Such a lawyer will have proper understanding of all the laws regarding an conviction for the second time and this will enable him to study the case properly and will be able to shake you free of sentence or at least lower it.

Second DUI Sentence

The sentence issued by the court will require you to pay a fine of at least $2500 excluding the cost of any damages that have occurred. The jail term can be of five days and you will be required to perform a community service of 24 hours. To take care of the amount you have to pay as fine, it is best to get 2nd DUI Insurance. Thus you will have financial back up in paying off the fines.

Insurance is absolutely necessary if an accident was involved. The period of sentence and fine can go higher if you refused to take medical test to determine whether you were sober or not. So, agree to be tested at the time of apprehension. Before the legal proceedings start, inform your lawyer on every tiny thing that took place. This will help your lawyer to reduce the sentence or get out of jail with the aid of glitches in law and the apprehension process.

2nd DUI Defense

setting up defense against a trial for 2nd DUI offense is a daunting task since the court is taking strict action against second time offenders as 2nd DUI statistics show an all time rise. You need to collect all evidences that will be able to prove you are not liable. Hand over these evidences to your lawyer. There is nothing better than presenting an eye witness who can refute the report of the police and state that you were in a position to drive.